University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Geriatrics and Gerontology Research

The overarching mission of the Division of Geriatrics-sponsored research program is to better understand the pathobiology of age-associated diseases, and to reduce the cost and burden of illness as well as enhance the quality of life of older adults.  The UW Division of Geriatrics and the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) of the Madison VA Medical Center collaborate to support extensive interdisciplinary, translational research programs involving the study of age-associated diseases, their treatment and prevention strategies, and care management plans targeted to improve the lives of millions of older adults. The UW and GRECC faculty sponsor both laboratory-based and translational research studies of pivotal clinical significance and relevance. 

Several of these are internationally renowned research programs in aging, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and aging, caloric restriction, falls, osteoporosis, sleep disorders in the elderly, older women’s health, transitional care and health services research.  Each program is supported by numerous peer-reviewed grants from various resources, including the NIH (RO1, PO1, P30, T32, Beeson Award, K23), the Department of Veterans Affairs (Merit Review grants), the State of Wisconsin, various philanthropic organizations (i.e., the Hartford Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Helen Bader Foundation) and the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, the total research funding for the Division of Geriatrics exceeds $120 million.

A substantial infrastructure exists to provide guidance to junior investigators as they pursue their academic goals.  Training and mentoring junior investigators in research methodology is priority of both our Division and GRECC, enhanced by affiliation with the John A. Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Education, our T32 Biology of Aging Trainee Program, our Geriatrics VA Advanced Fellowship Program, and several NIH training grants.