University of Wisconsin
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Learner Benefits and Lifestyle

Here, we’ve compiled supplemental information that’s commonly requested by prospective residents and fellows regarding benefits and lifestyle.

Leave, Insurance and Compensation

As employees of UW Health, University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine residents and fellows in ACGME–accredited programs receive the compensation and benefits outlined on the Graduate Medical Education page. Highlights include:

  • Competitive stipends that increase each year
  • Three weeks of paid vacation per year—21 days including weekends or 15 days not including weekends—as well as up to seven paid sick days, five away-conference days, and negotiable leave time for job interviews, jury duty, bereavement or military leave
  • Up to six weeks of paid parental leave—exclusive of vacation or sick leave—following the introduction of a new child or children by birth, adoption, foster care or legal guardianship
  • Comprehensive health and dental insurance (2022-23 plan here)

If you have additional questions about benefits, we are happy to discuss those during the interview process.

Health and Wellness

A Department of Medicine learner at a wellness retreat hosted by the department. She looks down from a red bridge into a stream.

The primary wellness resource available to residents and fellows is the program Life Matters, which provides face-to-face and/or telephone counseling for:

  • Stress, depression and personal problems
    • Up to 10 sessions (per presenting concern) with a master’s level mental health counselor for learners; up to three for spouses
  • Balancing work and personal needs
  • Family and relationship problems
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Any other issue of concern in your life

Life Matters also provides services regarding financial consultation, legal consultation, child and elder care resources and guidance, and others.

Note: residents and fellows are permitted to attend personal wellness appointments during standard work hours without penalty or use of vacation time.

Additional local resources include trained peer support and the UW Health Wellness app.

Department of Medicine learners with their families at the annual summer trainee picnic.

Get to Know Madison

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An aerial photo of Madison, with Lake Mendota in the background, the State Capitol and downtown Madison in the mid-ground, and Monona Terrace and Lake Monona in the foreground.