University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine Social Media Statement

The University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine (UW DOM) social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) are dedicated to communication from and/or about the UW Department of Medicine, its divisions and programs. They are produced and maintained by UW DOM staff, faculty and learners. Links to content or other Internet sites, comments, or posts submitted by users do not reflect the views of DOM nor should they be construed as an endorsement of the organizations, entities, views or content contained therein. UW DOM is not responsible for the content of those external web sites.

While UW DOM aims to review content posted to social media sites, it shall have the right to remove or hide comments for reasons including but not limited to, content or audience conduct at virtual events that it deems as harassing, threatening, profane, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, off-topic, commercial or promotion of organizations or programs not related to or affiliated with the department, or otherwise injurious or illegal. Users are fully responsible for the content they load on any of UW DOM social media sites.

By submitting content to any of UW DOM’s social media sites, users understand and acknowledge that this information is available to the public and that UW DOM may use this information for internal and external promotional purposes. Please note that other participants may use posted information beyond the control of UW DOM. Users who do not wish to have the information they have made available via these sites used, published, copied and/or reprinted, should not post on the social media sites.

Contacting Us

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