Understanding Geriatric Health Issues

Our geriatrics health services clinical research aims to better understand and manage health issues across the geriatric population, especially among older people with complex medical and/or socioeconomic needs.

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Additional Studies

Building Bridges Project

Building Bridges is a community outreach project assessing an individual’s willingness to participate in research studies and trust in medical researchers based on two different community events. Our ultimate goal is to develop alternative recruitment strategies to increase racial/ethnic minority group participation in our dementia studies as well as increasing dementia awareness.

Population and age group: Black/African American participants age 45 and above

PrincipaI Investigator: Shenikqua Bouges, MD

Contact: Shenikqua Bouges, MD

A Randomized, Open-Label, Phase 2 Study of Abaloparatide to Mitigate Distal Femoral Bone Loss Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

This study will assess whether a medication called abaloparatide will reduce the amount of bone lost after a total knee replacement surgery.

Population and age group: Those who plan to have knee replacement surgery age ≥ 55 years.

PrincipaI Investigator: Neil Binkley, MD

Contact: Osteoporosis Clinical Research Program, 608-265-6410