University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Mentoring in the Internal Medicine Residency

As a University of Wisconsin internal medicine resident, you'll graduate well-prepared for the next step in your career. We offer in-depth career counseling to help you select the career path that's your true passion.

Our highly structured and well-developed mentoring program includes:

  • Career guidance throughout residency from our program director, associate program directors, and clinical and research faculty mentors of your choice;
  • Mid-year, year-end and ongoing meetings with directors and faculty mentors to develop individual learning plans;
  • Small group sessions in the intern year to promote self-awareness, self-care, empathy skills, and well-being; and
  • Lectures in career planning, financial issues, the business of medicine, academic medicine, developing a research career, and health care trends.

Our department leadership, fellowship directors, and specialty faculty also support your career through generous and careful timing of electives to help you build your portfolio. We also provide administrative support to help you prepare for the fellowship and job selection process.