Our training allow you to focus on an area of specialization. This prepares you to complete fellowship with the experience need to move your career toward further training and/or specialization.

Population Health Joint Training 

We offer public health training beyond fellowship in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Division of Public Health. Ryan Westergaard, MD, PhD, MPH, a faculty member in our division and the DHS Chief Medical Officer and State Epidemiologist for Communicable Diseases, supervises this training.

Adult and Pediatric (Med-Peds) ID Joint Training
Physician-Scientist Training Program (PSTP)

Our department offers a dedicated physician-scientist training program in accordance with ABIM guidelines and requirements. Through this program, you can pursue research opportunities spanning the full range of infectious disease.


Antimicrobial Stewardship

Advance your skills in an IDSA Antimicrobial Stewardship Center of Excellence.​ Our division also has a very active stewardship research program and one of the first transplant stewardship programs in the nation.

Pathway highlights:

  • Stewardship-specific curriculum
  • Participation in weekly stewardship meetings
  • VA stewardship rounds
  • Specialized OPAT training elective
  • Quality improvement and research projects in antimicrobial stewardship
Community ID

Get expert training in general ID, with exposure to surgical ID, transplant ID, infection control and antimicrobial stewardship in the community setting.

Pathway highlights:

  • Optional electives at a community hospital and Select Specialty Hospital
  • Optional rotations with hepatitis or addiction medicine clinics
  • OPAT rotation
  • Stewardship training
  • Infection control training
Global Health/Health Equity

Incorporate global health work into your future career through education, clinical care, and research engagement at the local and international level.

Pathway highlights:

  • Quality improvement and research projects in global health​
  • 4-week combined clinical and research experience at our partner hospital in Ethiopia
  • Participation in global health pathway monthly conferences
  • Health Equity Committee membership and activities
  • Option to earn tropical medicine certificate

Fellows can participate in our Global Health pathway and Health Equity pathway.


Gain clinical experience with patients living with HIV. Partner with the Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center, a publicly funded center that provides clinical training and support to health care professionals.

Pathway highlights:

  • HIV-specific curriculum​
  • HIV acute care rotation (for all fellows)
  • HIV online certification modules (for all fellows)
  • Additional elective time in clinical and/or research experience in HIV clinic​
  • Weekly HIV treaters meeting
  • Quality improvement and research projects in HIV care
  • Optional hepatitis/co-infection clinic
  • Optional addiction medicine training
  • Optional PrEP clinic
Infection Control

Train with experts in the internationally recognized UW Health Infection Control Program. UW Health has also received the US Department of Health and Human Services' Partnership in Prevention award, and has been recognized by the Association of Professionals in Infection and SHEA for innovations in prevention of hospital-acquired infections.

Pathway highlights:

  • Infection-control–specific curriculum
  • Participation in monthly infection control conference
  • Quality improvement and research projects in infection control
  • Participate in VA infection control committee
  • SHEA online course in infection control
  • Outbreak investigations
  • Option to earn MPH, MS epidemiology
Medical Education

Focus your training to join the next generation of medical educators.

Pathway highlights:

  • “Education Fellow” helps design relevant and high-yield fellowship curriculum, plus content for our fellow development series
  • Join the Department of Medicine's fellowship education committee to complete projects in collaboration with department education faculty and staff
  • Participate in education quality improvement and research projects
  • Teach in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health's MD curriculum Invaders and Defense Block
  • Create and execute curriculum for medicine residents
  • Option to earn an MS in education
Population Health

Train with Dr. Ryan Westergaard, the chief medical officer and state epidemiologist for communicable diseases at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. In the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, partner with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health to leverage knowledge and resources to benefit the entire state.

Pathway highlights:

  • Population heath and biostatistics curriculum
  • Quality improvement and research projects in population health
  • Optional rotations with the State Lab of Hygiene
  • Partnership with the University of Wisconsin Health Innovations Program
  • Option to earn MPH
Surgical ID

Get clinical experience in diagnosing and treating surgical site infections, develop protocols for infection prevention and participate in surgical ID quality improvement and research. ​​

Pathway highlights:​

  • Surgical ID-specific curriculum.​
  • Additional elective time in clinical and/or research experience in surgical infectious diseases ​
  • Monthly multidisciplinary wound clinic
  • Multidisciplinary burn/wound conference every other month
  • Quality improvement and research projects in surgical infectious diseases​
  • Optional rotations in Burns, Plastics or Podiatry
Transplant ID

Develop expertise that few in the country receive. UW Health has an internationally recognized transplant program that's one of the largest in the US. Our division also has a very active transplant ID research program and one of the first transplant stewardship programs in the nation.

Pathway highlights:

  • Transplant ID-specific curriculum
  • Additional four weeks of elective time focused on clinical and/or research experience in transplant infectious disease
  • Weekly transplant ID conference
  • Quality improvement and research projects in Infections in Immune Compromised Hosts and Mycology
  • Optional rotations with Transplant Medicine, Hematology or ICU

Our pathway program allows you to select an area—or set of areas—to focus your individualized training path. We offer curricula and unique opportunities through our division and collaborators for a personalized training experience.

Fellows who select and participate in a pathway(s) will graduate with a distinction in that field.