The Full Spectrum of Infectious Disease Research

Research in the University of Wisconsin Division of Infectious Disease spans the continuum of disease pathogenesis and immunology, to epidemiology and prevention, to drug resistance and discovery.

We have robust academic partnerships with the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research and the UW School of Pharmacy

Clinical research collaborators include UW Health, the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital and care facilities and communities throughout Wisconsin. 

Infectious disease researcher sampling a petri dish with her reflection in the lab hood

Our investigators work to transform medicine every day. Get to know them below.

Drs. Rozalyn Anderson and Luigi Puglielli in the lab
Drs. Rozalyn Anderson and Luigi Puglielli in the lab

Innovate With Us

No matter where you are in your career, our department's robust environment—and our partnerships with the world-class UW-Madison—will help you launch and maintain a successful research program.