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Dawd Siraj, MD, MPH&TM, is an infectious disease physician whose research aims to transform health care in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Specific focus areas include infection control, infectious diseases, HIV, Hepatitis C, and travel medicine in LMICs.

Dr. Dawd Siraj and colleagues during a global health trip in Ethiopia

Improving Infectious Disease Outcomes Globally

Dr. Siraj's research interests include improving management of infectious diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis C, at the patient level, and at the systems level through adequate infection control practices and antibiotic stewardship in hospitals and healthcare systems.

Dr. Siraj looks at an x-ray with colleagues during a global health trip to Ethiopia

A Collaborative Approach to Build Local Capacity

His team assesses overall infection control programs in resource-limited hospitals, and identifies impactful and robust ways to prevent hospital-associated infections. Specifically, they adapt and implement practices that have proven successful in resource-rich settings, such as improving post-operative care and improving hand hygiene practices.

Dr. Siraj's team also aims to ensure that hospitals have local data to inform and improve antibiotic selection. By creating local antibiograms, they can create strong data-driven antimicrobial stewardship programs in LMICs.

The team focuses on translational research to drive best patient care practices in LMICs. They use a collaborative approach to build local capacity and personnel who can lead healthcare systems at partner institutions in LMICs.

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