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  • Andes, D, Smith, J. Pharmacokinetics of Antifungals: Implications for Drug Selection Infections in Medicine, July 2006, p. 328-333

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Chapters 2006

  • Pappas, PG, Andes, D, Schuster, M, Hadley, S, Rabkin, J, Merion, RM, Kauffman, CA, Huckabee, C, Cloud, GA, Dismukes, WE, Karchmer, AW. Invasive Fungal Infections in Low-Risk Liver Transplant Recipients: A Multi-Center Prospective Observational Study. American Journla of Transplantation 6. 2006. pp386-391.
  • Wikler M, Cockerill F, Craig W, Dudley M, Eliopoulos G, Hecht D, Hindler J, Ferraro MJ, Swenson J, Low D, Sheehan D, Tenover F, Turnidge J, Weinstein M, Zimmer B.  Methods of Dilution Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests for Bacteria That Grow Aerobically; Approved Standard-Seventh Addition. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute 23(2). 2006 Jan. ISBN: 1-56238-587-9.