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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Basic Ultrasound

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory is led by Thomas M. Grist, MD in the Department of Radiology. Several ongoing studies in Radiology, and in cooperation with Cardiovascular Medicine and the Cardiothoracic Surgery faculty include:

  • developing novel vascular imaging techniques
  • developing realtime cardiovascular MRI systems for diagnosis and intervention in cardiovascular diseases
  • developing and evaluating new cardiac imaging techniques for both perfusion and function
  • designing and evaluating new contrast agents for use in cardiac MRI
  • developing 3-D coronary artery reconstruction techniques for MR angiography
  • use of cardiac MR in the diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndrome

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Faculty

Walter F. Block, PhD
Thomas M. Grist, MD
Frank R. Korosec, PhD
Charles A. Mistretta, PhD