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WeTALK Workshop

WeTALK Workshops

Developed by Toby Campbell, MD, and Amy Zelenski, PhD, DOM Educator, WeTALK is an interactive specialty-specific simulation that teaches effective ways of communicating with patients about serious illness. It is a personalized, resource intense, learner-centered education approach with proven effectiveness in changing behaviors.

Workshop Dates

Family Medicine:  To register for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health WeTALK Workshops, please click here.

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Interested in Bringing WeTALK to Your Department?

Have you heard about WeTALK and would like to talk further about bringing it to your group? We would love to hear from you. Please contact Matt Kronberger at the email or phone number listed below.

Program Contact

Matt Kronberger, MS
Palliative Care Education Coordinator

Phone: 608-265-3167