• University of Washington-Seattle - BA, Psychology and Drama, cum laude
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison - MS, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison - PhD, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Professional Activities

Dr. Zelenski is the Director of Education Innovation and Scholarship in the Department of Medicine. She specializes in graduate medical education, including curriculum design and education research. With a background in theater, Dr. Zelenski has designed courses that use improv techniques to help healthcare providers and scientists hone their expertise in storytelling, spontaneity, and using observational skills to adjust to patients and team members.

Dr. Zelenski is a member of the Association for Program Directors in Internal Medicine, the American Educational Research Association, and the American Academic Internal Medicine. She serves as the chair of the Internal Medicine Residency Curriculum Committee, and is an affiliate of the UW-Madison Arts Institute.

Research Interests

Dr. Zelenski's research focuses on teaching physicians how to engage in empathic behaviors with their patients, learners, and interprofessional colleagues, and how increased skill in empathic behavior can increase the quality of patient care and decrease healthcare provider burnout and personal distress.