University of Wisconsin
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Bone Disease Research

Faculty members are involved in clinical and basic research on bone disease topics including bone mineralization, genetic bone diseases, bone metabolism, and osteoporosis. Dr. Neil Binkley studies the performance of clinical metrics that are used to monitor bone health. Dr. Karen Hansen studies calcium absorption in the clinical setting, and conducts clinical research on osteoporosis and related diseases.

Additionally, Dr. Hansen, Dr. Binkley, Dr. Elaine Pelley, and Dr. Vincent Cryns practice at the UW Osteoporosis Clinical Center and Research Program. This multidisciplinary center provides evaluation and treatment for osteoporosis. Clinical research efforts are aimed at maintaining bone health and preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

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Neil Binkley - bone research

Dr. Neil Binkley

Clinical metrics that are used to monitor bone health

Karen Hansen - osteoporosis research

Dr. Karen Hansen's Laboratory

Calcium absorption & clinical osteoporosis research