Department faculty and learners have strong showing at 2023 ACP–Wisconsin meeting

Faculty and residents

University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine learners and faculty had another strong showing at this year’s American College of Physicians (ACP) Wisconsin Chapter Scientific Meeting, held in Wisconsin Dells on September 8 and 9, 2023.

Four faculty receive chapter awards

Abigail Bales, MD, associate clinical professor, General Internal Medicine, received the 2023 Early Career Internist of the Year Award, which recognizes the outstanding contributions of an early career internist in clinical practice, research and/or medical education. Dr. Bales also co-presented the lecture “Narrative Medicine – The Parallel Chart.”

Sarah Floden, MD, former chief resident and current assistant professor, General Internal Medicine, received the 2023 Resident of the Year Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions of a resident at one of Wisconsin’s five internal medicine residency programs in the areas of clinical care, advocacy, teaching, mentoring, or research.

Joel Miller, DO, clinical professor, General Internal Medicine, received the 2023 Volunteerism and Community Service Award, which recognizes the work and raises the awareness of members who are significantly involved in volunteerism and community service activities.

Jeremy Smith, MD, associate professor, General Internal Medicine, received the 2023 Helen Dickie Distinguished Internist of the Year Award, which honors a career of exceptional effort and contribution to the science and art of internal medicine.

Learner presentations and posters

Internal medicine resident Nicholas Gallo, MD, presented an oral presentation titled “Abelism, A Foreign Body, and a Disappearing Tracheoesophageal Fistula,” while resident Ahmed El Shaer, MD, presented “Unexplained LVH and HFpEF: A Case of Fabry’s Disease" and received first place for oral presentation. Dr. Gallo also received honorable mention in the Narrative Medicine Competition for his piece “The Pepsi.”

In addition, 16 residents presented posters at the conference:

  • Mazen Almasry, MBBS, presented “An Atypical Presentation of Collagenous Gastroenteritides"
  • Alex Carlson, MD, presented “A Case of "Mouth Spots" in GI Oncology Clinic”
  • Francesca Garofalo, MD, presented “Sink Your Teeth Into This: Cardiac Tamponade Caused by Purulent Pericarditis Due to Odontogenic Bacteria”
  • Allison Giuffre, MD, presented “Beyond the Textbook: An Atypical Presentation of Giant Cell Arteritis”
  • Collin Goebel, MD, presented “Hyperviscosity Syndrome in a Patient with Longstanding Eisenmengers Syndrome”
  • Michael Houghan, MD, Trowbridge Endowed Primary Care Track Chief Resident, presented “Medical Student Notes: Transforming Not Confident and Inefficient to Confident and Efficient”
  • Justine Hung, MD, presented “Cytoreduction to Prevent Differentiation Syndrome in High Risk Acute Prolyelocytic Leukemia”
  • Alaina Kelly, MD, presented “Hodgkin Lymphoma Manifesting with Spinal Cord Compression”
  • Matt Konz, MD, presented “Clots and Cardiomyopathy: Rare complications of Hypereosinophilic Myeloproliferative Disease” and “Syncope, Sarcoidosis, and Structural Causes of Ventricular Tachycardia: A Case Report”
  • Adam Koraym, MD, presented “Eosinophilia Secondary to Helminth Infection Leading to Symptomatic Cardiac Tissue Damage in a Young Adult”
  • Brandon Leding, MD, presented “Paraneoplastic Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone: A Case of Metastatic Small Cell Lung Cancer”
  • Emily Murnin, MD, presented “Beware of the Killer Soil”
  • Haley Proebst, MD, presented “Be on the Lookout: A Case of Ocular Syphilis”
  • Palwinder Sodhi, MD, presented “Always More Than Just Tachycardia”
  • Divya Vundamati, MD, presented “Doctor, I See Hazy Now”
  • Giovanna Zampierollo-Jaramillo, MD, presented “Two Stones, One Bird: A Case of Pericardial Effusion with Concomitant Influenzae B Pneumonia and Active Rheumatologic Flare” 

Drs. Garofalo, Goebel and Konz also participated as a team in the Medical Jeopardy Competition and received runner up in the Doctors Dilemma Competition.

Collin Goebel presents
Above, center: IM resident Collin Goebel, MD, discusses his poster presentation with onlookers, including Department of Medicine chair Lynn Schnapp, MD (left of center). Credit: Kelsey Holbert, MD, Vogelman/Carnes Family Endowed Chief Resident.

Faculty lectures

In addition to Dr. Bales’ presentation, Siobhan D. Wilson, MD, PhD, associate clinical professor, General Internal Medicine, presented “Aiming for Better: Addressing Gun Violence in the Clinic.” 

Farah Kaiksow, MD, MPP, assistant professor, Hospital Medicine, participated on the JEDI panel discussion for residents and medical students.

Thank you

Many thanks to the faculty, residents and University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health students for participating in the conference and for representing our department and institution so well!

Banner: UW Department of Medicine residents and faculty at the ACP-WI chapter meeting. Credit: Kelsey Holbert, MD.