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Healthcare Associated Infections Research

Welcome to the Crnich Research Group website! Led by Dr. Christopher Crnich, our work emphasizes reduction of healthcare associated infections within long- term care facilities and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) through antibiotic stewardship program implementation and the optimization of antibiotics to treat and prevent complex infections. 


Our objective is to develop novel solutions to reduce healthcare associated infections and antibiotic resistance within the VHA and long-term care facilities.


Dr. Crnich's research program is currently engaged in a number of qualitative and quantitative projects focused on (1) testing therapies to treat and prevent complex infections; (2) understanding how antibiotic-resistant bacteria are spread and the role antibiotics play in this process; and (3) implementing and evaluating strategies to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and improve the use of antibiotics in long-term care facilities and the VHA. Dr. Crnich collaborates with experts throughout Wisconsin and across the United States to develop these innovative programs.