University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Residency Leadership


  • Program Director
  • Vice Chair for Education for the Department of Medicine

I have had the honor and privilege of fostering the clinical skills, career and personal development of residents for over two decades and have learned so much working alongside the wonderful postgraduates who have come to UW to achieve their life's goals.

Christopher Hildebrand, MD

  • Associate Program Director
  • Associate Chief of Staff for Ambulatory Care and Education, Veterans Hospital

The practice of medicine is perhaps one of the most demanding vocations, involving dedication and sacrifice for the good of others. Our goal is to help the resident appreciate the joys and manage the challenges for his/her development into the consummate internist.

  • Associate Program Director
  • Director of Resident Performance Improvement, QI and Interprofessional Curriculum

At a time when the need for well-trained internal medicine physicians has never been higher, it is rewarding to see engaged residents grow into physician leaders with the opportunities that the program offers. Working with an exciting group of faculty and residents I am reminded daily of how wonderful it is to be with people that continually achieve excellence in healthcare and education, at an institution that embraces innovation and new ideas to allow all of us to reach our full potential.

  • Associate Program Director
  • Director, Primary Care Track

I am passionate about preparing our next generation of internists for the ever-changing landscape of primary care, while maintaining meaningful work-life balance. General internal medicine offers the opportunity for meaningful, long-term relationships with patients and patient-care teams while always providing intellectual challenge.

  • Associate Program Director
  • Director of Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum

From the bedside encounter to working within an inter-professional team to critical reading, each day in hospital medicine provides new exciting and educational opportunities. As a graduate of this program, my personal practice was shaped by the innovative, supportive, and patient-centered culture here at UW and it is a distinct honor to care for patients while also being able to impact the growth and professional development of each resident.

  • Associate Program Director
  • Director of Humanism in Medicine Curriculum and Wellness

Medical residency is a time of incredible personal and professional growth; it can be transformative. To contribute in a meaningful and positive way to this experience for our residents through mentoring, direct teaching, and thoughtful curriculum design is an opportunity for which I am enormously grateful. Helping our residents become the broad-minded, kind, skilled doctors who have the capacity for deep professional engagement and full personal lives is a wonderful responsibility.

  • Associate Program Director
  • Director of Education Development and Systematic Literature Review Projects

I have had a passion for medical education ever since I was an intern. There is nothing for me like watching the light bulb go off in a learner in front of me. I feel continually grateful and lucky to have a job where I get to interact with such smart and challenging residents and students.

  • Associate Program Director
  • Director of Education Scholarship and TEACH Program

As an educator, I am exhilarated by the complex challenges inherent in teaching and learning in a healthcare setting. My research focuses on teaching physicians how to engage in empathic behaviors with their patients, learners, and interprofessional colleagues. This ability has been proven to increase the quality of patient care; and to also decrease burnout and personal distress for healthcare providers. I am an advocate of relationship-centered care; and personally care deeply about patients and providers alike.