University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Previous Fellows


Alison Fernandes, MD

Role After Fellowship: Fellow in Rheumatology

“All the faculty, staff and fellows were kind and wonderful. I really felt that the program was invested in helping me succeed in my goals.”

Benjamin Rosenstein, MD

Benjamin Rosenstein, MD

Role After Fellowship: Clinician Educator in Geriatric Medicine

“Faculty and mentors in the fellowship were extremely supportive of my interests such as policy, and I have gained experiences and connections that will let me pursue this further as my career starts.”

Floreta Shapiro, DO, MA

Role After Fellowship: Consultative Geriatrics

“The fellowship was an amazing opportunity for growth supported by a wonderful learning environment, with clear support from the division head, the PD, the APD, and the clinical/administrative staff."


Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis, MD

Role After Fellowship: Associate Chief of Staff, Geriatrics and Extended Care

“Beyond just the clinical training, the fellowship program provided me with leadership skills that I use each day in my current role. Taking on a leadership role right out of fellowship was intimidating, but the fellowship provided me with the tools that I needed to hit the ground running.”

Katherine Hoversten

Katherine Hoversten, MD

Role after Fellowship: Ambulatory and Inpatient Geriatrician and General Internist

“My current role requires that I am able to practice in many different settings, both inpatient and outpatient. The wide variety of experiences throughout the fellowship year has left me feeling prepared to address geriatric issues that arise in any of these settings, and has given me a much better appreciation of the resources available to patients.”

Beata Kis

Beata Kis, MD

Role After Fellowship: Primary Care Provider



Shenikqua Bouges, MD

Role After Fellowship: Consultative Geriatrician; Memory Specialist and Clinical Researcher

“Our fellowship program not only excels in academics but also camaraderie and a great faculty support system for fellows.”

Paulie Bruns

Marueen (Paulie) Bruns, MD

Role After Fellowship: Consultative Geriatrician and Palliative Care Physician

“I got a lot of exposure to the many different roles a geriatrician can fill. I was also able to develop my teaching skills with residents and medical students. I was well supported by my faculty and even on my interview day I was impressed with how respected geriatrics was within the institution of UW.”


Daniel McCulley, MD

Role After Fellowship: Primary Care Geriatrician, Nursing Home Medical Director, Consultative Geriatrician

“After fellowship I started a job as the lone geriatrician in a small community where I act as a PCP to older adults, do many outpatient consults for memory impairment, am medical director of a nursing home, and also do occasional inpatient consults. Due to the excellent training in all the diverse areas of geriatrics during fellowship at UW-Madison I felt very comfortable and well-prepared for my different roles in independent practice.”