University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Endocrinology Conferences

Endocrine Grand Rounds

This weekly conference is presented by UW Faculty, fellows or outside speakers from other universities.

Introduction to Endocrinology Fellowship - Lectures and Workshops

In July and August of each year, Endocrine faculty deliver introductory talks in various areas of endocrinology geared toward providing the knowledge needed to make a smooth transition from resident to fellow.

Introduction to Research for Endocrine Fellows

Beginning in July and August, Endocrine faculty will present several seminars and workshops to prepare fellows for basic, clinical and translational research in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.

Fellows' Teaching Conference

This ongoing lecture series is conducted approximately 16-18 times per year. Lectures cover the spectrum of endocrinology. Didactic sessions are provided by Endocrine faculty as well as faculty from related subspecialties.

Diabetes Case Conference

This weekly conference is devoted to clinical topics related to Diabetes. Presenters include Endocrine faculty and fellows, nurses and other health care providers involved in diabetes care.

Clinical Case Conference

Fellows present interesting and instructive cases with a review of pertinent literature.

Combined Conference

This monthly conference is devoted to interesting and challenging endocrine surgical cases. Participants include Endocrine faculty and fellows, Endocrine surgeons, and faculty from Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Pathology.

Journal Club

Journal club is held once a month. A fellow is paired with a faculty member chosen as a mentor. The fellow then reviews the current literature and presents a paper of interest to the group. In this forum, fellows learn to read and critically evaluate the endocrine literature.

Fellow's Research Conference

One to two times per year, fellows formally present their individual research projects to the Endocrine Division. In addition, Endocrinology faculty researchers present their research once per year.

DXA Workshop

Once per year, Endocrine, Rheumatology and Geriatrics fellows participate in a 4-5 hour workshop providing hands-on experience with DXA scan interpretation.

Integrated Endocrinology and Reproductive Health Course

Fellows are invited to attend the lectures in this second-year medical school course. This provides opportunity for review of basic pathophysiology of endocrine disorders. Issues of growth, puberty, and male and female reproductive endocrinology are also covered.

Endocrinology Board Review

At the end of each academic year, Endocrine faculty spend 10-12 hours reviewing key board topics. Endocrine Fellows from both UW and the Medical College of Wisconsin are invited to participate.