• Princeton University - PhD in Molecular Biology
  • Vanderbilt University - Postdoctoral Fellowship

Professional Activities

Dr. Carole L. Wilson is an Associate Research Professor in the Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. She directs the research program of Dr. Lynn M. Schnapp, Chair of the Department of Medicine. Dr. Wilson has a strong commitment to mentorship and professional development of junior faculty, trainees, and students. 

Research Interests

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Dr. Wilson has a long-standing interest and expertise in studies of matrix biology in health and disease, with an emphasis on lung injury and fibrosis over the past decade. Her current focus is on stromal cells, including fibroblasts and pericytes, as key effector cells in lung inflammation and fibrosis. Her major interest lies in understanding the reciprocal interactions and signaling mechanisms between fibrillar and basement membrane matrices and mesenchymal cells.