Philanthropic gifts and messages in honor of Doctors’ Day 2020

Doctor and patient in clinic

Recently, the medical advancement group at the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association sent a mailing to patients in celebration of National Doctors' Day on March 30, 2020. It offered patients the opportunity to honor their physician through a philanthropic gift or a thank-you message. Gifts received will be used to support research and patient care.

Honor a Doctor

To date, Department of Medicine faculty received approximately 90 cards with messages and/or gifts. Here is a sampling of the thoughts that were shared: 

Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

  • A message for Dr. David Sonetti: "Thank you for getting me help for my early stage of lung cancer. The testing you did was explained in great detail. You showed us and explained each step we would be taking. I was pleased and felt like I was treated excellent."

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

  • A message for Dr. Kurt Jacobsen and team: "Thank you for your kindness and compassion when I felt down on my options. You and the entire team were wonderful with my TVAR and procedures."

Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

  • A message for Dr. Vincent Cryns: “I have truly enjoyed being your patient for the past several years. Your expertise and wisdom are invaluable.”

Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

  • A message for Dr. Mark Benson: “As a professional nurse, in healthcare greater than 30 years, I find your expertise, care, compassion and follow-through second to none. You’re timely and approachable, have a great bedside manner, and always welcome and respond to my concerns and questions. Thank you!”

Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology

  • A message for Dr. Alexis Eastman: “Thank you so much for all the care you provided to my mom…including all the information and advise you provided to me on the phone and MyChart. Very helpfu!”

Division of General Internal Medicine

  • A message for Dr. Ann Schmidt: “Thank you for being so kind, calm, reassuring, compassionate and professional. I could not have asked for a better doctor these past 22 years. You’re the best!”
  • A message for Dr. Laurel Romer: “You are my lifesaver! Thank you for being such a great listener, for being compassionate, and for connecting me to the best specialist possible.”

Division of Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care

  • A message for Dr. Jacques Galipeau: “We have never had a doctor who shows such love and compassion that he has. He is always taking time to listen, answer questions and helping both my husband’s and my concerns. He never rushes us, but has time for us!”
  • A message for Dr. Mark Albertini: “Thank you so much for being so positive in our care. You have always taken the time to answer all questions; you never appear to be in a hurry! And—you have all answers!! We feel good in your competent hands.”
  • A message for Dr. Mark Juckett: “You are to be highly commended for the exceptional work you did with every facet of my stem cell transplant! You used your knowledge, sensitivity and caring to ensure a successful transplant.”
  • A message for Dr. Ryan Mattison: “I can’t give you a big enough thank you for saving my life. I have been blessed with such a great doctor along with your team.”
  • A message for Dr. Noelle LoConte: “I am so grateful for Dr. LoConte’s care for me. She was very clear in explaining my options for cancer treatment. I feel that she has my back and gives me hope. I am very fortunate to have received such wonderful care from her.”

Division of Infectious Disease

  • A message for Dr. Greg Gaulthier: “You were so very nice to me, so very thorough. [I] have never experienced a doctor quite like you. I have never had a doctor go over labs and x-rays and ask me questions. I felt you knew me when I walked in and knew me even better after [my] appointment. Thank you so much.”

Division of Nephrology

  • A message for Dr. Tripti Singh: “Thank you for your medical expertise and patient explanations to my many questions.”

Division of Rheumatology

  • A message for Dr. Christie Bartels: “Very kind, competent, caring and always available when needed. Dr. B has been a gift in dealing with autoimmune issues. I could go and on!”

Multi-Disciplinary Teams:

  • A message for Dr. Anne Traynor (Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care), Dr. Michael Bassetti (Human Oncology), Dr. Seth Williams (Surgery) and Dr. Anderson (Surgery–retired): “This team has kept me alive and moving…for over seven years now, while the average was 18 months. I love these people! I owe them for their kindness and caring.”