Dr. Steven Barczi comments on higher average longevity of Dane County residents

Dr. Steven Barczi

A feature story about a nationwide study by the University of Washington that identified locations where Americans exceed or fail to meet the average lifespan of 79.8 years focused on longevity in Dane County, where residents live an average of 81.15 years. 

Steven Barczi, MD, professor (CHS), Geriatrics and Gerontology, explained factors that lead to a long and healthy life. 

"You've got genes and then you've got environment and then you've got lifestyle and then the interactions between them," he said. These include physical activity level, diet, socioeconomic factors, marital status, and networks of friendships. 

Two longtime Dane County residents and local figures also provided their perspective: radio show host Zorba Paster, MD, clinical adjunct professor, Department of Family Medicine, and Wisconsin state senator Fred Risser, who at 90 is the longest-service politician in American history.


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