Cancer Control and Prevention

Noelle LoConte, MD, is a medical oncologist and geriatrician with a clinical interest in gastrointestinal malignancies.

Her current research interests are in public health strategies to decrease the burden of cancer in Wisconsin, community outreach and engagement and health services research around cancer health equity. She also has experience with cancer clinical trial design and implementation.

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Advancing Equity in Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment 

Dr. LoConte’s group is broadly interested in making sure benefits in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment reach all populations. To do this, the team focuses on public health strategies via policy, systems and environmental change across Wisconsin—with a particular emphasis on collaborations with Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC) and nonprofit organizations on cancer screening and prevention. 

Dr. LoConte’s team also performs large dataset analyses to identify mediators and barriers to equitable outcomes for all patients with cancer. This work includes data from SEER-Medicare, National Cancer Database (NCDB), CancerLinq and large state and institution registries. 

The team believes wholeheartedly in using this research as a place to educate learners and collaborators in public health and disparities research best practices. All are welcome! 


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Join Us!

Dr. LoConte's team is always looking for collaborators who are committed to public health and disparities research. If you're interested, please email your CV and a descriptions of your interests to Dr. LoConte. 

Active Projects

Stool DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Acceptability Among Racially Diverse Patients and their Primary Care Providers

This qualitative research project aims to understand how different populations view DNA-based colorectal cancer screening. 

Wisconsin Cancer Prevention and Control Program

The state of Wisconsin’s Cancer Control Program. More details at

Disparities in Pancreas Cancer Treatment and Outcomes in Wisconsin

A supplement project to define Wisconsin geographic and racial disparities in pancreas cancer diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. 

Funding Support

Dr. LoConte's research is funded by Exact Sciences, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute.



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