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The Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology supports a nationally recognized, comprehensive clinical program that delivers cutting edge care specifically for the older adult population. Our fellowship-trained Geriatricians work in concert with a host of other clinicians who have specialized advanced training in the care of older adults.

Our Geriatrics clinical program has served the needs of aging adults in the City of Madison, the State of Wisconsin and the national and international communities at-large for over 30 years. Our Division is based within the Department of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. 

Clinical Mission: deliver exceptional geriatric specialty care, primary care and hospital-based services, alongside other world class clinical programs across the University of Wisconsin, using strong links between the aging research and clinical programs to provide distinctive translation of state-of-the art, compassionate care to all of our patients and their families.

Our services span across a continuum of care settings:

UW Outpatient Clinics

The Division of Geriatrics is dedicated to the care and care management of older adults across Dane county and surrounding areas through several outpatient primary care and specialty clinics at six UWHC clinic locations within Madison and two regional clinic locations outside of Madison:

  • Oakwood Village University Woods (West)
  • UW Clinics East
  • UW Clinics Fitchburg
  • UW Clinics West
  • UW Osteoporosis Clinical Center
  • Wisconsin Sleep Center
  • Regional Clinics:
    • UW Clinics Sauk Prairie
    • UW Clinics Fort Atkinson

This network of geriatric-specific clinics is unique within the Midwest. We aim to provide holistic care that places equal emphasis on disease management, functional rehabilitation, prevention, and also attention to care towards the end-of-life. Our clinical program boasts a spectrum of subspecialty clinics that incorporate a unique multidisciplinary team approach to address the physical and psychological dimensions of common age-associated conditions.  Patient care programs catering to the older adult population include:

  • Primary care
  • Memory care (Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias)
  • Geriatric Pathways from dementia to end of life care
  • Bone Optimization
  • Osteoporosis care
  • Geriatric Assessment Care
  • Mobility and Falls
  • Perioperative Optimization for Senior Health (POSH)
  • Sleep

UW Hospital & The American Center (TAC) Hospital

When older adults are hospitalized they often face challenges that younger patients do not, including confusion, unfamiliar routines, unfamiliar surroundings, medication changes and decreased mobility. Caregivers and family members often have many questions surrounding the clinical and social conditions of the patient.

The Acute Care for Elders (ACE) interdisciplinary consult team is a team of health professionals who are specially trained to meet the unique physical, mental, emotional and social needs of our patients and families. When consulted, the team makes interdisciplinary recommendations surrounding the inpatient management as well as future needs/concerns of the patient and families.

Mission: To offer patients 60 and older a proactive and comprehensive interdisciplinary geriatric evaluation directed toward preserving function and independence and preventing the hazards of hospitalization. The team collaborates with all health professional s involved in the patients’ care.

The team is available to assist in the inpatient assessment and management of:

  • Mental Status Changes (delirium, dementia, depression)
  • Behaviors associated with dementia or memory changes
  • Determination of a patient’s ability to make medical decisions
  • Mobility, deconditioning, falls
  • Nutrition, malnutrition
  • Pain control
  • Polypharmacy
  • Social /caregiver concerns

William S. Middleton VA Hospital

Our VA GRECC (Geriatric Research and Education Clinical Center) is a National Center of Excellence for care of older adults within the VA Healthcare System. The GRECC sponsors inpatient, outpatient primary care and subspecialty emphasis clinics for older veterans:

  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Memory Assessment
  • Geriatric Sleep
  • Geropsychiatry
  • Palliative Care
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Older Women's Health
  • Swallowing Disorders Program
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

In-Home Care

The Division of Geriatrics in collaboration with UW Health launched a novel home-based medical primary care program for qualifying patients in 2019.  This care service increases patient access to both primary and palliative care, build networks of home- and community-based services, improve patient and caregiver quality of life, and decrease total costs of care. This care team also practices with a  multidisciplinary team approach and spans providers across Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Family Medicine, Social Work, Behavioral Health, and Therapy.

Local Assisted-Living Facilities and Nursing Homes

The Division of Geriatrics also focuses on meet the special care needs of older adults who reside temporarily or long-term in area nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Several of our Geriatricians either serve as nursing home medical directors or consultants in facilities within the Madison area. 

Our locations include:

  • Badger Prairie Nursing Home
  • Capital Lakes Nursing Home
  • Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge (East)
  • Oakwood Village University Woods (West)
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