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More than 7,000 patients visit Cardiovascular Medicine Ambulatory Services each year for outpatient visits. The primary location, in UW Hospitals and Clinics, is in a newly constructed space shared with noninvasive diagnostic testing facilities for cardiovascular diseases. The clinical area includes new waiting room facilities, a conference and education room and computerized linkages to hospital information systems for each exam room.

In addition to cardiologists and surgeons, the clinic is staffed by nurses and practice assistants. Every effort is made to coordinate patient care with diagnostic testing or consults with other services. Particularly strong relationships have been established with vascular surgery and cardiac surgery, resulting in joint patient visits to clinicians and laboratories across all services.

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East and West Clinics

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine also offers a general practice in conjunction with UW primary care and multispecialty ambulatory clinics on the east and west sides of Madison. Several faculty members hold general cardiology clinics at these sites and both programs offer a full range of diagnostic services, including echocardiography, exercise testing and stress echo. Pacemaker / defibrillator clinics are held at UW East.


Cardiovascular Medicine maintains a full service outpatient location at the Atrium at 202 S. Park. In addition to outpatient consultation, echocardiography, exercise testing, stress nuclear cardiology, vascular ultrasound and pacemaker/defibrillator follow-ups are offered.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Patrick E. McBride, MD, MPH directs ambulatory rehabilitation services at UW Hospital's Research Park Clinic in Madison. In addition to a rehabilitation practice, this beautiful state-of-the-art facility offers exercise and weight equipment, a track and a swimming pool. A wide range of services is available for patients recovering from cardiac and vascular surgery, myocardial infarction or other acute coronary syndromes.

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