University of Wisconsin
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Grant Writing Seminar

The Department of Medicine Office of Research Services is excited to once again sponsor the seminar, "Write Winning NIH Grant Proposals" on April 7-8, 2022, from 9 AM-12:30 PM CDT each day. The two-part, virtual seminar is presented by John D. Robertson, PhD, of the Grant Writers Seminars and Workshops.

This widely acclaimed seminar comprehensively addresses both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the proposal-writing process. Emphasis is given to such things as idea development, identification of the most appropriate granting agency, how to write for reviewers, and tips and strategies that are of proven value in presenting an applicant's case to reviewers.

Participants are taught to write with a linear progression of logic, which leads reviewers through their applications. It is stressed that applicants are writing for two different audiences – the assigned reviewers, who have read the application in its entirety, and non-assigned reviewers who may have read little, or nothing, of the proposal before the meeting of the review panel. Strategies, tools and tips designed to merit a fundable priority score are emphasized. The focus is on the NIH.

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The seminar is open to all faculty, staff, researchers, professors, research administrators, grant writers and others across the UW-Madison campus who are interested in the topic.

It's free to those who are part of DOM. Those from other departments, schools or colleges will be assessed a nonrefundable $320 fee which covers the seminar, presentation notes, required textbook and shipping costs. A funding string for the fee must be presented upon registering.


Reserve your spot. Registration closes March 9th.

All participants will receive an extensive handout, as well as a hard copy of the NIH Version of The Grant Application Writer's Workbook

Questions? Please contact Monica Jefcoat, administrative specialist, Office of Research Services, at