University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Emery Bresnick, PHD



MADISON, WI 53705-2275

(608) 265-6446

Dr. Bresnick trained at The University of Michigan Medical School where he earned a PhD in Pharmacology in 1989 and then pursued postdoctoral training at NIH. Dr. Bresnick joined the Deptartment of Pharmacology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in 1994, was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1999, and Full Professor in 2003. Dr. Bresnick directs the Vascular Biology Research Group of The University of Wisconsin Cardiovascular Center and the Chromatin/Transcription Research Group, is a member of the Coordinating Committee of the University of Wisconsin Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, and is a member of the Cancer Genetics Program of the Carbone Cancer Center.

Dr. Bresnick was the recipient of Scholar Awards from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America, and the Shaw Foundation. Dr. Bresnick currently or previously held editorial positions with Journal of Biological Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Journal of Cellular Physiology, and Nucleic Acids Research. Dr. Bresnick served as Chair of the NIH Erythrocyte and Leukocyte Biology Study Section and as a member of the Hematology Study Section. Dr. Bresnick is a member of the Harvard Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology, the Advisory Board of the Yale Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology, and has participated in the Program Committee of the American Society of Hematology.

Dr. Bresnick's multidisciplinary research program focuses on fundamental and translational problems in molecular medicine, specifically related to stem/progenitor cell biology, hematology, vascular biology, and Parkinson's disease. These efforts aim to understand molecular, cellular, and physiological mechanisms, and to develop translational strategies to yield novel therapeutics. Dr. Bresnick's program has been continuously funded from the NIH and nonfederal agencies.