Transplant research funded by philanthropic donors

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Dr. Dawn Belt Davis
Dr. Sarah Panzer
Dr. Tripti Singh
Dr. Sandesh Parajuli

Several Department of Medicine faculty members have been selected for Hope, Meet Gratitude Research Awards, which provide $23,000 over 1 year. The awards were funded through the generosity of philanthropic donors to the UW Health transplant program. 

Pictured at top right in the order listed below:

  • Dawn Belt Davis, MD, PhD, associate professor, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, will lead a project entitled, "Cholecystokinin receptor agonism as a novel therapy to improve cell survival in human islet transplant." 
  • Sarah Panzer, MD, assistant professor, Nephrology, will lead a project entitled, "B cell survival cytokines in transplant glomerulopathy." 
  • Tripti Singh, MD, assistant professor (CHS), and Sandesh Parajuli, MD, assistant professor (CHS), both of Nephrology, will co-lead a project entitled, "Predicting delayed graft function in kidney transplant recipients using non-invasive urine biomarker test." 

Additional Hope, Meet Gratitude transplant research awards were made to David Al-Adra, MD, PhD and Joshua Mezrich, MD of the Department of Surgery.