Philanthopic gifts in honor of Doctors' Day 2019

Doctor-patient relationship

Recently, leadership from UW Health and the School of Medicine and Public Health, in partnership from the medical advancement group at the UW Foundation, agreed to send a mailing to our patients in celebration of National Doctors' Day on March 30, 2019. National Doctors' Day is held every year on this date to celebrate the contributions of physicians who serve our country by caring for its citizens. The first Doctors' Day observance in 1933 in Winder, Georgia, included the mailing of greeting cards and placing of flowers on graves of deceased doctors. In 1958, a resolution commemorating Doctors' Day was adopted by the US House of Representatives. In 1990, President George Bush signed into law the designation of March 30 as National Doctors' Day. 

The goal of the 2019 mailing was to offer our patients the opportunity to honor their physician through a philanthropic gift.  Gifts received will be used to support research and patient care.

A total of 42 department members received gifts and thank-you messages from grateful patients. Here are some of the thoughts that donors shared: 

Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

  • A message for Dr. Steven Cattapan: "Kind. Caring. Compassionate."
  • A message for Dr. Loren Denlinger: "Blessings to you Dr. Denlinger, and all those that support you in your department and your family. I feel comfortable in saying you’re more than a doctor, you’re also my friend."

Cardiovascular Medicine

  • A message for Dr. Giorgio Gimelli: "I can only say, you saved my life. Thanks!"
  • A message for Dr. Eugene Kaji: "I remember your dedication to pulling me through my hospital heart attack...and the last four years of follow-up care with great admiration."
  • A message for Dr. James Stein: "Thank you for all your care and outstanding kindness during my crisis last year. You made all the difference."
  • A message for Dr. Thomas Teelin: "Dr. Teelin and his entire staff are the best. I’m lucky to have them in my corner.  They are never in a hurry. I never feel rushed. He and the staff always leave me feeling like all my questions are answered. Thanks!"
  • A message for Dr. Anne O’Connor: "Thank you for all your past and on-going thoughtful monitoring and guidance given to me over the several years, It has been my privilege to have you as my cardiologist. It has been very reassuring to me to have you 'in my corner' and it is greatly appreciated.:  

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

  • A message for Dr. Diane Elson from a long-time patient: "Dr. Elson is very special to me."

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

  • A message for Dr. Deepak Gopal: "Thank you for everything!!"
  • A message for Dr. Mark Reichelderfer: "I wanted to say thank you for all of your wonderful care. You are the only doctor that will take on those of us with very complicated GI issues, and You Rock!!! Thank you for everything!!!"

Geriatrics and Gerontology

  • A message for Dr. Robert Przybelski: "Thank you Dr. Przybelski for the many years you saw our family member up until her advanced Alzheimer’s. We were also very pleased when we notified you of her passing. You took extra time from your busy schedule to talk to us. Thank you."
  • A message for Dr. Tyler Steward: "We appreciate all your care and concern as we moved and settled into Madison. You’re the best!"

General Internal Medicine

  • A message for Dr. Victoria Cheung: "Complete. Thorough. Compassionate. Dr. Cheung, you have become and will hopefully remain, a very important and special person in my life! You are a most honorable professional."
  • A message for Dr. Bruce Baranski: "Dr. Baranski always takes the time to listen and cares about his patients. I always appreciate your smile and the relationship we’ve built going back to my cancer diagnosis time. Thanks so much for caring." 
  • A message for Dr. Chris Nestleroad: "Thanks for being a great doctor and a good friend! I always look forward to my appointments with you. My brother-in-law thinks so too! Keep doing what you do!"
  • A message for Dr. Siobhan Wilson: "Thank you for taking care of me. I am lucky to have you as my doctor. Thanks!"
  • A message for Dr. Laura Zakowski: "Thank you for many dedicated services."
  • A message for Dr. James Haine: "Thank you!!"

Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care

  • A message for Dr. Hamid Emamekhoo, Dr. Glenn Liu, Dr. Doug McNeel, Dr. Christos Kyriakopoulos, and Carissa Nolens, DPN: "Thank you for giving me hope and encouragement in the treatment of my prostate cancer."
  • A message for Dr. Dustin Deming: "Dr. Deming is a caring, smart and patient doctor. He and his staff gave me excellent care when I was in UW Hospital."
  • A message for Dr. Mark Burkard: "Your kindness, humor and compassion helped my wife through the last stages of her life with dignity and peace. God Bless you and your staff."
  • A message for Dr. Aric Hall: "Thank you Dr. Hall. I am well and will see you at my next appointment soon. Thank you for your continued care throughout my illness. Your concerns are appreciated."
  • A message for Dr. Amy Stella: "Thank you for being so compassionate and caring. I always feel listened to and important. You are a wonderful person. God Bless."
  • A message for Dr. Ryan Mattison: "Thank you for the great care you and your team gave me during my stay at UW Hospital. Thank you for all you have done for me. You make me feel like you are not only my doctor but also my friend."
  • A message for Dr. Daniel Mulkerin: "Thank you."

Infectious Disease

  • A message for Dr. Jeniel Nett: "Dr. Nett, I am so thankful for you saving my lung last year. Wishing you all the best!"
  • A message for Dr. Greg Gauthier: "Your compassion for your patients and you knowledge of medicine make you an exceptional mentor and physician. Your enthusiasm for learning and your positive attitude are inspirational. I am honored and blessed to have crossed paths with you!"
  • A message for Dr. Kristine Matson: "The first line and the following two sentences of the letter I received from UW Health spoke of being sick, in pain, feeling scared and uncertain and just needing answers. That described me perfectly. When I arrived at UW Hospital for treatment of what turned out to be severe lyme disease I was encouraged after my very first meeting, a tele-appointment with Dr. Matson. I finally felt that someone was listening to me and would figure out what was going on. My optimism was rewarded with sound treatment when she diagnosed my lyme disease. She was also quick to reply to my emails when I had questions. So, thank you deeply, Dr. Matson, for all you did for me. You are certainly one of the stars on the UW Hospital stage."

Multi-disciplinary teams

  • A message for Dr. Anurag Soni (Gastroenterology and Hematology), Dr. Jordan Kenik (Hospital Medicine), and Dr. Nilay Kumar (Hospital Medicine): "I was in a downward spiral. You saved my life! Thank you to your team."
  • A message for Dr. Ryan Bartkus (Geriatrics and Gerontology) and Dr. Anurag Soni (Gastroenterology and Hematology): "Thank you!"