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Office of Research Services team

If you’re looking to create and maintain a research project, the Department of Medicine’s Office of Research Services (ORS) can provide vital support at every stage.

“We’re here to assist our faculty, scientists and researchers throughout the life cycle of projects, from conception to proposal submission, award management and analysis, project closeout and publication,” explains Associate Director for Research Calleen Roper, MPA, CRA. “We are here to help.”

Recent changes in staffing and organization have deepened available expertise and improved communication standards, and the impact is being felt across divisions. Here are several testimonials from faculty and staff:

“I have a tremendous appreciation for the staff and resources provided by the Office of Research Services, and have been engaging in their services with increasing frequency as I continue to learn about all that they offer. We have solicited presentations for our research group tailored to our needs and questions regarding IRB processes and best practices for data sharing, consulted about specific DUAs and mechanisms for effective collaboration around sensitive data, received assistance for how to navigate complicated sponsor regulations and requests, and benefitted from their review of standard research documents prior to grant submissions. My questions have always been addressed promptly, and with enthusiasm.”Rebecca Miller, research administration manager, Infectious Disease

“The ORS staff explained the complicated post-award issues, involving numerous sub-awards and budget timelines, patiently and in a manner I could understand. They laid out the series of next steps in a logical order and even explained these to my sub-award institutions, as well.”Brad Astor, PhD, MPH, professor, Nephrology

“[Jillian Raff’s] skills as an accountant and grants manager are just incredible. She is accurate, precise, insightful, and proactive. She single-handedly reorganized how we track research lab expenses and reconcile our grant budgets. She was able to jump into a large R01 of mine, mid-stream, and re-budgeted perfectly so we expensed everything we needed with some left over for a NCE we need due to COVID-19 delays. She provides the best ORS support I have received as a DOM PI since my lab started in the 90s.”Jim Stein, MD, professor, Cardiovascular Medicine

“I can’t say thank you enough to members of the DOM pre-award and post-award teams for making the processes of grant applications and award management so smooth. They have always been so receptive to last minute requests and consistently perform all the tasks at the highest professional level. And kudos to Calleen Roper for her leadership and team management skills.”Peiman Hematti, MD, professor, Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care

“No question is too small or problem too big,” says Roper. “Talk to us so we can help you find a path forward.”

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Banner, from top-left: the Department of Medicine Office of Research Services team: Loren Denlinger, MD, PHD; Joshua Lang, MD; Calleen Roper, MPA, CRA; Monica Jefcoat; Jennifer Bonifas, BS; Lauren Gee, MFA; Dylan Mooney; Lindsay Rowe; Monica Rongere, MLS; Fauzia (Fay) Osman, MPH; and Mohammad Akanda. Not pictured: Shannon Stiles. Credit: Clint Thayer/Department of Medicine