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New faculty Q&A with Marin Schweizer-Looby, PhD

Marin Schweizer-Looby, PhDMarin Schweizer-Looby

Visiting Professor
Infectious Disease

What is your primary professional focus as it relates to our mission areas (clinical, research and/or medical education)?
My focus is on health services research both at UW and the VA. My research aims to (1) implement interventions to prevent S. aureus infections, and (2) de-implement unnecessary testing and antibiotic treatment. I am also a co-director of the KL2 program in Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR).

What drew you to UW–Madison and the Department of Medicine?
The outstanding research being done by faculty in the Division of Infectious Disease and the VA Health Services research group drew me here.

What are you most excited about during your first year with the department in this role?
I am looking forward to collaborating on research projects.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
I love ice skating, especially on the Vilas Park rink.

Favorite piece of advice from a mentor or inspiring figure in your life?
You are never too junior or too senior to both mentor and be mentored.

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