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Fellowship Match Day 2022 upholds tradition of success

Gabby Waclawik

The Fellowship Match Day on November 30, 2022, was a great success for many of the Department of Medicine residents seeking subspecialty fellowships—the additional training needed to practice in many fields within internal medicine.

“This year's success reflects all of the hard work our residents have put in during their training here as clinicians, leaders, scholars and educators,” says residency director Andy Coyle, MD. “As always, we are incredibly grateful for the exceptional mentorship and support provided to our residents by the faculty and leadership of the Department of Medicine. Congratulations to all of the future fellows!”

Here are all department residents who matched, listed with their subspecialties and fellowship institutions:

  • Jihad Aljabban, MD; Gastroenterology; University of North Carolina
  • Cassandra Chiao, MD; Nephrology; University of Washington
  • Andrew Davis, MD; Pulmonary/Critical Care; Johns Hopkins University
  • John Davis, MD, chief resident; Pulmonary and Critical Care; UW–Madison
  • Jimmy Evers, MD; Cardiology; Hennepin Healthcare/Minneapolis Heart Institute
  • Lauren Fanta, MD; Cardiology; University of Indiana
  • Chrissy Healy, MD; Cardiology; University of Colorado
  • Jonny Katz, MD; Rheumatology; UW–Madison
  • Kyu Lee, MD; Cardiology; Ohio State University
  • Jon Leja, MD; Geriatrics; UW–Madison
  • Lindsay Matthews, MD; Gastroenterology; Temple University
  • Eric Mehlhaff, MD; Hematology and Oncology; UW–Madison
  • Devon Miller, MD; Hematology and Oncology; UW–Madison
  • Mary Nemer, MD; Gastroenterology; Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Joe Nye, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care; UW–Madison
  • Michaella Reif, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care; Duke University
  • Trevor Schell, MD; Gastroenterology; UW–Madison
  • Ivana Surjancev, MD; Allergy and Immunology; UW–Madison 
  • Nadia Sweet, MD, chief resident; Rheumatology; UW–Madison
  • Gabby Waclawik, MD, chief resident; Gastroenterology; UW–Madison
Residents who matched in 2022
Above, clockwise from top-left: chief resident John Davis, MD; chief resident Sarah Floden, MD, holding sign for chief resident Gabby Waclawik, MD; chief resident Nadia Sweet, MD; Eric Mehlhaff, MD; Devon Miller, MD; Cassandra Chiao, MD; Chrissy Healy, MD; and Jon Leja, MD. Credit: Nadia Sweet, Sarah Floden and Natalie Weidner.














How the Match Works

Organized by the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®), the Medical Specialties Matching Program (MSMP) encompasses 14 internal medicine subspecialties and four sub-subspecialties.

Applicants digitally submit their profiles and rank their preferences of available positions. After reviewing applications, program directors also submit their rank order of candidates, and then the NRMP algorithm “matches” applicants to fellowship programs. 

Department of Medicine to Welcome 40 New Fellows

The Department of Medicine also looks forward to welcoming 40 new trainees into its fellowship programs, including 10 internal medicine residency alumni (three of whom are our current chief residents) and 30 residents from institutions across the United States.

“So much time and effort goes into recruitment,” says fellowship programs coordinator, Kara Westmas, MS. “It’s wonderful to see such a positive outcome and to see that many of our internal medicine residents want to stick around for their fellowship! It’s thrilling to think of the impact these training programs have, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of it.”


Banner: Gabby Waclawik, MD, was one of the three chief residents who matched into fellowship programs at UW–Madison. Credit: Clint Thayer/Department of Medicine.

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