Fellowship Match Day 2021 is a success for residents, fellowship programs

Nimrod Deiss-Yehiely, MD, at the hospital

This year’s Fellowship Match Day on December 1, 2021, was a success for many of the Department of Medicine residents seeking subspecialty fellowships, as well as the department’s own fellowship programs.

Residency director, Andrew Coyle, MD, says he is excited to see so many residents remain at UW-Madison’s strong fellowship training programs, and is proud of the hard work and dedication of the residents.

“The success of the match this year is a wonderful recognition of the hard work our residents have put in during their training here as clinicians, educators, and scholars, and of the outstanding mentorship and support provided to our trainees by the Department of Medicine,” Dr. Coyle says.

Here are all of our residents who matched, their subspecialties, and their fellowship institutions:

  • Kirsten Alman, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care, UW-Madison 
  • Rosemary Bailey, MD; Infectious Disease, UW-Madison
  • Benjamin Clement, MD; Gastroenterology, University of Cincinnati-Ohio 
  • Rachel Coburn, MD; Geriatric Medicine, UW-Madison 
  • Nimrod Deiss-Yehiely, MD; Gastroenterology, UW-Madison 
  • Matthew Folstad, MD; Hematology/Oncology, UW-Madison 
  • Christina Hughey, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, UW-Madison
  • Matthew Jergenson, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Iowa 
  • Patrick Kurecka, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, Spectrum Health/Michigan State University
  • Scott Laurenzo, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care, Northwestern University
  • Kirsten Lipps, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic
  • Maxwell Machurick, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care, UW-Madison 
  • Nicoll Martins-Manhica, MD; Geriatric Medicine, UW-Madison 
  • Andrew Pap, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, UW-Madison
  • Priya Roy, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, Ohio State University
  • Michael Scolarici, MD; Infectious Disease, UW-Madison
  • Adam Stepanovic, MD; Hematology/Oncology, Indiana University 
  • Thorunn Thordardottir, MD; Hematology/Oncology, UW-Madison 
  • Dejan Vrtikapa, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, UW-Madison
  • Nathan Wheeler, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine, Indiana University 
  • Emily Wynja, MD; Hospice and Palliative Medicine, UW-Madison

How the Match works

Organized by the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®), the Medical Specialties Matching Program (MSMP) encompasses 14 internal medicine subspecialties and four sub-subspecialties.

Applicants digitally submit their profiles and rank their preferences of available positions. After reviewing applications, program directors also submit their rank order of candidates. The NRMP algorithm then “matches” applicants to programs. 

Department of Medicine welcomes 36 fellows

Fellowship Match Day 2021 brings 36 new trainees to Department of Medicine programs, including 13 internal medicine residency alumni.

Fellowship programs coordinator, Kara Westmas, MS, is pleased with the success of the match and the number of residents who will continue their training with the department.

"The vast majority of our programs matched 100% and were in the top ten of their rank list. Nationwide, applicants are sparse for specialties like Geriatrics and Nephrology so it’s great to see that Nephrology filled all slots and Geriatrics secured two stellar residents from our own program. It’s always a good sign when folks want to stick around," she says.

Banner: chief resident, Nimrod Deiss-Yehiely, MD, who matched with Gastroenterology at UW–Madison.