Dr. Kim Eagle visits UW-Madison for Weiner Professorship lecture

Grand Rounds with Dr Weiner, March 10, 2017

Photo above, left to right: Dr. Mohamed Hamdan, Dr. Kim Eagle, Marie Weiner, Gary Weiner, Dr. Richard Page.

Internationally-recognized cardiologist Kim Eagle, MD, director of the Samuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan, visited UW-Madison on March 9-10, 2017 as a recipient of the Gary and Marie Weiner Visiting Professorship. The professorship brings a lecturer in cardiology to the Department of Medicine each year to interact with colleagues and deliver Cardiovascular Grand Rounds and Medicine Grand Rounds through an endowment that was established in 2013 out of a bond of friendship between Gary Weiner and Richard Page, MD, George R. and Elaine Love Professor and chair, Department of Medicine.

Dr. Eagle specializes in outcomes research in cardiovascular medicine. He has led quality improvement initiatives across the state of Michigan in acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, and coronary interventions, and is striving to reach patients around the world by founding a pacemaker and defibrillator recycling effort called Project My Heart Your Heart that provides donated, reconditioned cardiac devices to individuals in third world nations.

Dr. Eagle’s well-attended Department of Medicine Grand Rounds talk, entitled “Cardiac Risk of Non-Cardiac Surgery: A Piece of My Mind,” provided clinical insight about risk of perioperative cardiac events for various types of surgical procedures, and how physicians can best approach perioperative management. By discussing risk indices and clinical data on cardiac complications during non-cardiac surgical procedures, he provided in-depth guidance on surgical decision-making. On the previous day, Dr. Eagle also delivered Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds entitled “Acute Aortic Syndromes: State of the Art.”

“To bring preeminent cardiologists such as Dr. Eagle here to Madison each year through the Weiner professorship is a true gift. Dr. Eagle had meaningful interactions with our fellows, residents, and faculty, and he enjoyed learning more about ongoing studies here at UW. Being able to discuss the nuances of his area of expertise reinforces our dedication to evidence-based medicine and high-quality, patient-centered care,” said Dr. Page.


  • Medicine Grand Rounds video: “Cardiac Risk of Non-Cardiac Surgery: A Piece of My Mind.”