Dr. Alexis Eastman co-authors white paper on dementia-related psychosis

Alexis Eastman, MD

Alexis Eastman, MD, clinical assistant professor, Geriatrics and Gerontology, is a co-author of a Gerontological Society of America white paper that highlights the variety of challenges that persons with dementia-related psychosis and their caregivers have encountered during moves through different health care settings, and proposes strategies to address these challenges. 

Dementia-related psychosis occurs when people with dementia experience delusions and hallucinations, and it often goes undetected. Because of this, there is a need for better awareness of the condition, and how to care for these patients.

To ensure that providers have an understanding of dementia-related psychosis, and the resources to adequately care for these patients, Dr. Eastman says that, “we need to not only formalize and expand the education of trainees and providers on this disease, but enhance care coordination opportunities through collaborative models and telehealth platforms.”

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