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Talented students and trainees have been active members of our division, including undergraduate students, Hilldale awardees, graduate students and post-doctoral trainees.

Graduate Opportunities

Shapiro Summer Research Program

The Shapiro Summer Research Program is 8-10 weeks of mentored research conducted in the summer between M1 and M2 years during the 13-week summer break with a $400/week stipend. The Nephrology Division regularly offers several Shapiro projects. More information may be found on the SMPH Shapiro Summer Research website.

Cellular & Molecular Pathology Graduate Program (CMP)

For more information, please see the CMP website.

Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB)

For more information, please see the CMB website.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Research Training Opportunities

Fellows may elect rotations in research areas such as clinical problems associated with dialysis, transplantation, or progression of renal disease; clinical pharmacology inpatients with renal disease; or research in renal physiology or pathophysiology of renal disease. For questions about research opportunities, please contact Research Director Brad Astor, PhD, MPH.