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Education Innovation Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the full application? (the "For Educators" link under “Education and Training”)

When are grant proposals due?

In late winter. For this year: February 24, 2020

What is the maximum amount of funding?

$20,000 (limited to $3000 for travel)

What is the length of funding?

One academic year beginning July 1; can overlap into next academic year under extenuating circumstances

What percent grant submissions to the Education Committee are funded?

65% funded (20/31) over the last 5 years

What are reasons some grants aren’t funded?

  • Vague proposal
  • Too ambitious of a project
  • Does not directly affect DOM members
  • Duplicates other programs already available
  • Unclear description of program need
  • Lack of objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Narrow scope of learners
  • Unclear stakeholder buy-in

What are some useful campus resources?

  • DoIt Academic Technology; Greg Konop
    • Provides instructional design and technical development support as well as a course production unit. This unit assists with the application of instructional technology to design a learning experience.
  • SMPH Academic IT; Kristin Simon
    • For Undergraduate Medical Education: Provides instruction design and technical development support as well as a course production unit.
  • UW Survey Center; John Stevenson
    • Provides assistance with questionnaire design and instrument development and refinement.
  • DOM IT Department; Jennifer Bonifas
    • Evaluates projects for technology factors that can affect initiation and maintenance of the project with the DOM IT environment.
    • Determines any HIPPA issues that could affect grant feasibility.

What grants have been previously funded?


"Gaming for High Value Care"

Hannah Bell, MD

"Global Health Simulation Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents"

Greg Gauthier, MD and Dawd Siraj, MD, MPH

"Building Research Communities: an Educational Framework and Formative Evaluation Tool for Research Mentors and Trainees"

Amanda Parkes, MD


"Resident Curriculum for Bedside Ultrasonography"

Katherine Fell and Tim Rowe

"Development of a Blended Interprofessional Ambulatory Care Curriculum"

Madelyn Alvarez

"Empathy Training during Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship"

Miguel Leal, MD


"Development of a Web-based Platform for Blended Learning in A Resident-As-Educator Curriculum"

Jessica Tischendorf, MD and Sara Johnson, MD

"Faculty can ‘Break the Bias Habit’ Too!"

Christine Kolehmainen, MD

"Preventing Endoscopy-Related Injuries among Gastroenterology Fellows: A Train the Trainer Program"

Kerstin Austin, MD and Sumona Saha, MD, MS


"Implementation and Evaluation of a 6-month Continuing Curriculum to Promote Empathic Skills among Internal Medicine Residents"

Mariah Quinn, MD, MPH

"Measuring the Effect of ‘Breaking the Bias Habit – Workshop for Physicians in Training"

Christine Kolehmainen, MD

"On-line Portal for Competency-based Evaluation and Training"

Mihai Teodorescu, MD


"How Medical Students Learn online: A RCT of Interactive Learning Versus Recorded Lectures"

 Tom Shiffler, MD and Dave Feldstein, MD

"Implementation and Evaluation of a 6-month Curriculum to Promote Empathic Skills among Medicine Interns"

Mariah Quinn, MD, MPH

"Centralizing the Department of Medicine Quality Improvement Curriculum for Fellowships"

Laura Maursetter, DO and Ian Todaro

"Breaking the Bias Habit – a workshop for medical residents"

Christine Kolehmainen, MD and Molly Carnes, MD, MS

"A Coaching Program for Faculty Development in Presentation Skills"

Jeremy Smith, MD

"Quality Improvement Training in Cancer: Reducing Patient Wait Time On an Inpatient Hematology and Transplant Unit"

Ryan Mattison, MD


"Medical Student Intern Preparation Course with Trainee Educators"

Sara Johnson, MD

"Assessing Resident Geriatric Competencies Using Clinical Simulation"

Alexis Eastman, MD and Steve Barczi, MD

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