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Sameer Mathur, MD, PhD

My research interests span from basic science studies of isolated eosinophils towards patient-oriented studies of eosinophilic disease. My laboratory has been studying eosinophil function in vitro since 2005. I am the principal investigator for the Laboratory Core of an NIH Program Project Grant led by Dr. Nizar Jarjour focused on the role of eosinophils in airway inflammation. My laboratory core recruits patients for daily blood donations to purify eosinophils for experimental use. We have also been working with other laboratory groups on campus to better understand eosinophil biology. More recently, along with my role as Medical Director of the University of Wisconsin Allergy Clinic, my research activities have focused on issues with direct relevance to patient care.

The research activities in my laboratory encompass several themes as listed below. Please click on a topic to see more detail.

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Sameer Mathur, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Office Phone: (608) 262-2804
Fax: (608) 261-1503