Advance our Education Mission

The Department of Medicine Educator Academy supports and empowers the people who advance our education mission. Join us for:

  • Community and connection with like-minded faculty and staff educators with common interests
  • Opportunities for cross-divisional teaching, research, and project collaboration
  • Resources for career development in education
Dr. Laura Zakowski listens to a colleague at an Educator Academy directors meeting

Academy Pillars

The Educator Academy is organized around three pillars: mentoring, scholarship and teaching. 

Dr. Shobhi Chheda talks during a DOM Educator Academy board meeting
Dr. Shobhi Chheda talks during a DOM Educator Academy board meeting

Two Levels of Membership

Senior faculty and staff members (Experienced Educators) will advise and guide junior faculty and staff (Emerging Educators) who have a passion for education.

Experienced and Emerging Educators

Experienced Educators are senior faculty and staff who commit to actively participating in the Academy by:

  • Serving as teaching, research, or scholarship mentors
  • Observing Emerging Educators in the educational setting to provide feedback
  • Reviewing education portfolios
  • Participating in educational sessions
  • Serving as chair of a promotion oversight committee

We define Experienced Educators as those with interest or experience in education. Some examples include:

  • Formal role in education (e.g., education program coordinator/manager/administrator, education program director/course director, division head, chair, etc.)
  • Previous training in education (e.g., participation in formal teaching/mentoring/scholarship programs)
  • Received education awards (teaching awards, educational scholarship awards)
  • Participated in education scholarship and/or received an education grant
  • Included education as an area of excellence or significant accomplishment for promotion to Associate/Full Professor

Emerging Educators are junior faculty and staff who receive support in the Academy by:

  • Receiving mentorship
  • Developing educational portfolios
  • Receiving feedback on teaching, research, and scholarship 

Emerging Educators should have an enthusiasm for education and an interest in engaging with one of the three pillars.