Education Committee

The Education Committee advances the educational missions of the Department of Medicine. It guides and supports the development, recognition, and promotion of educators; promotes innovative curriculum development, educational leadership, community, and scholarship; and is committed to diversity and inclusion in membership, programming, curriculum development, and funding.

Questions or want to apply for membership? Contact Abi Rudzianis

  • Elizabeth Chapman, MD (Geriatrics and Gerontology)
  • Andrew Coyle, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Nimrod Deiss-Yehiely, MD (Fellow)
  • Sarah Donohue, MD (Rheumatology)
  • Kelly Herold, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Allison Ishizaki, MPH (Education)
  • Akinwale Iyeku, MD (Fellow)
  • Jacki Johnson (Education)
  • Swapnil Lanjewar, MD (Infectious Disease)
  • Tara Loushine, MS (Education)
  • Samantha Murray-Bainer, MD (Hospital Medicine)
  • Kristen Panther, APP  (Internal Medicine)
  • Abi Rudzianis (Education)
  • Christine Sharkey, MD (Rheumatology)
  • Amik Sodhi, MD (Pulmonary and Critical Care)
  • Tripti Singh, MD (Nephrology)
  • Jeannina Smith, MD (Infectious Disease)
  • Bipin Sunkara, MD (Hospital Medicine)
  • Jessica Tischendorf, MD, MS (Infectious Disease)
  • Katherine Vaughan, MS (Education)
  • Kara Westmas, MS (Education)
  • Maryam Zamanian, MD (Hospital Medicine)
  • Laura Zakowski, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Amy Zelenski, PhD (Education)

Grand Rounds Committee

The Grand Rounds Committee oversees and plans Grand Rounds. The committee aims to schedule a diverse group of speakers on a wide variety of topics designed to improve attendees’ ability to practice clinical medicine and grow professionally.

Meets monthly.

  • Laura Zakowski, MD, committee chair (General Internal Medicine)
  • Kendra Haight, BSN, RN (Research nurse coordinator)
  • Allison Ishizaki, MPH (Education)
  • Kristen Panther, NP
  • Esther Schulman (Administration)
  • Natalie Weidner, MHA (Education)
  • Emily Zentz (Administration)
  • GME program manager for curriculum and evaluation
  • 1–2 advanced practice providers
  • Curriculum chief resident
  • 2–3 additional residents, who serve for the length of their residency training

Med Ed Scholars Group

The Med Ed Scholars Group formed in early 2023 with the goal of building community and supporting professional development in medical education research and scholarship.

The group shares ideas, solicits input on scholarly projects, and learns about topics related to medical education research.

Guest presenters have included members of the Office of Research Services team and the University of Wisconsin Survey Center.

Meets monthly.

Questions? Contact Amy Zelenski and Katherine Vaughan.