Navigating Philanthropy and Stewardship

The Department of Medicine development team helps foster and manage relationships with those who have an interest in giving to the department. 

We can help you navigate all phases of philanthropy and stewardship, and become comfortable with the process of grateful patient fundraising.

Grateful Patient Philanthropy Guide


Pete Schmeling, CFRE

Pete Schmeling, CFRE

Managing Senior Director of Development


Deshawn McKinney

Deshawn McKinney

Grateful Patients Want to Give Back

Gratitude takes many forms. One common way we see our most grateful patients show their thanks is through philanthropy. Philanthropic gifts from patients and their families who are grateful for the care they receive are very special.

Not only do these gifts provide vital resources to assist our research, education and patient care mission, they can also be very meaningful for patients and families who may wish to support others going through a similar healthcare experience.

Patients may say, "I want to help cure this disease so that my kids and grandkids don’t have to worry about this anymore."

How Do I Talk About This With Patients?

If a patient expresses an interest in giving or getting more involved, here’s how a provider can respond.

Patient says: “I am grateful and I want to help” or “I’m curious to learn more about your research.”

Provider: “That’s wonderful! Thank you so much! May I introduce you to our director of development who works with patients and families who would like to get more involved?”

If a patient is agreeable to the introduction, please reach out to Pete Schmeling ( or Deshawn McKinney ( to talk about next steps.