Each year, the department gives Academic and University Staff Outstanding Performance Awards in recognition of staff excellence.

Award Consideration

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in at least one of the following four areas:

Outstanding Achievement on the Job

Actions that constitute performance beyond expected standards, such as:

  • Producing high quality/quality of work over an extended period of time
  • Giving extra effort to complete a job or handle a heavier workload
  • Filling in when short-staffed
  • Volunteering for and working on special projects
  • Serving on and/or leading a committee and contributing to its success
Exceptional Contributions Towards the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Department

Actions that contribute to the maximum utilization of departmental resources, such as:

  • Integrating information or equipment for more efficient/effective use
  • Developing new work methods that reduce waste or stretch resources
  • Eliminating unnecessary actions or steps for delivering service
  • Making creative suggestions that save resources such as time and/or money
Outstanding Service to Others

Actions that are especially helpful or make a good impression on others, such as:

  • Doing things for others that are beyond job requirements
  • Performing in an exceptionally courteous and cooperative manner
  • Being so helpful that others write letters of appreciation or recognize the employee is some other manner
Exemplifies/Demonstrates the DOM Core Values

These values are the compass guiding everything we do. They resonate in our hearts and propel us forward to fulfill our mission: to develop exceptional leaders who transform the world of medicine through scholarship, innovation and partnership. The following values help the department move ever closer to achieving our vision: health and equity for all.

  • Innovation
  • Health equity
  • Kindness
  • Professional fulfillment
  • Impact in Wisconsin and beyond


Nominations can be submitted by any Department of Medicine faculty or staff member.

Faculty and staff will submit nominations via an online form. A minimum of one (1) reference is required in addition to the nominator.

Nominees are ineligible to win the award if they won the award within the last five years.

Award Selection

A selection committee will serve on an annual basis consisting of the prior year award recipients (4) and the associate department administrator. This committee will be facilitated and supported by a department HR representative. The selection committee will select two annual award winners for Academic Staff and two for University Staff.

Review/scoring of nominees will be on at 1-5 scale, based on the criteria above. The nominee with the highest overall score will be selected for the award.

  • 5.0 - Absolutely superior
  • 4.5 - Outstanding
  • 4.0 - Few could be better
  • 3.5 - Strong
  • 3.0 - Slightly above average
  • 2.5 - Average
  • 2.0 - Slightly below average
  • 1.5 - Well below average
  • 1.0 - Lowest in potential

Annual award winners will be announced at a department Town Hall Meeting and will be included in Vital Signs. Each award recipient will receive a certificate of appreciation and will be invited to attend a celebration with the department chair and central administration leadership.

Award winners will have the opportunity to participate in a breakfast or lunch with central administration leadership.

Past Awardees

Previous DOM staff award winners (Box file)