The DEI Committee's charge is to intentionally create and promote an inclusive and safe community where all members can thrive and feel welcome and supported. It actively works towards dismantling racism in ourselves, our systems, and our community.

Meets monthly.

  • Sharon Gehl, MBA (Administration)
  • Toby Campbell, MD, MS (Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care)
  • Shobhina Chheda, MD, MPH (General Internal Medicine)
  • Nathaniel Chin, MD (Geriatrics and Gerontology)
  • Donita Croft, MD, MS (Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)
  • Andrew Davis, MD (Residency)
  • Nicole Dunbar (SMPH Academic Affairs)
  • Maryam Famouri, MD, MPH (General Internal Medicine) 
  • Shivani Garg, MD, MS (Rheumatology)
  • Deborah Gugel (Faculty recruiter)
  • Briana Jelenc, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Mindy Jones (Rheumatology)
  • Farah Kaiksow, MD, MPP (Hospital Medicine)
  • Maira Leuttinger, NP (Geriatrics and Gerontology)
  • Luis Lomeli, MD, MPH (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)
  • Matt Mallum, MFA (Administration)
  • Christopher Michaels (General Internal Medicine)
  • Jansi Prabakaran (Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care) 
  • Patty Cisneros Prevo, committee chair (Administration)
  • Andrea Schnell, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Christine Sharkey, MD (Rheumatology)
  • Kara Westmas, MS (Education)