How do I purchase a poster or other printing with UW funds?

Faculty and staff are NOT authorized to directly purchase printing from outside vendors above a cost of $49.99, as the State of Wisconsin has very strict rules relating to printing services imbedded in the constitution, and there are mandatory state contracts through the State Department of Administration.

Printing must be ordered through Digital Printing & Publishing Services (DP&PS, formerly DoIT Printing) or University Marketing (formerly University Communications). This applies to all printing jobs, including quick copy/duplicating and photocopying.

Please visit UW's How to Purchase a Printing or Copying Job page for full policy details.

SMPH Media Solutions is also available for help with services such as graphic design, photography, illustration, and videography.

Which types of recruitment expenses are allowable?

SMPH has created the Clinician Faculty Recruitment Expense Budget Guidelines to help standardize this process across all SMPH departments. DOM physician recruiters will also follow these guidelines.

Questions regarding these guidelines can be directed to Kristen Seguin, 

How do we pay for board examinations/board prep courses?

Board-related expenses are payable/reimbursable under the UW Health Professional Business Expense Allowance policy.

UW SMPH policy does not permit the payment or reimbursement of any Board-related expenses using UW funds. This includes payments made via Pcard or e-Reimbursement. There are no exceptions and any payments made in error MUST BE REVERSED OR REIMBURSED IMMEDIATELY.

What do I do with a check for clinical activity?

Send checks for patient charges to:

UWMF - Patient Business Services
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562
(Mail Code: 414-BUS)

Send checks for medical/legal services to:

UW Health
ATTN: Deposits (Mail Code 102)
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562

How do I renew my DEA license?

The DEA grants fee exemptions to employees of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This includes physicians who have a dual appointment with UW Medical Foundation. This is because UW-Madison employed physicians and other practitioners are State of Wisconsin employees for purposes of their clinical, teaching and research activities. Individuals who are 100% employees of UW Medical Foundation (e.g., UWMF NPs and PAs) are NOT fee exempt.

For further information, please visit the Office of Legal Affairs website, or speak with the attorney on call at 263-7400.

Can I be reimbursed for a license from another state?

UW Health will only reimburse for licenses that are a requirement of a job function. For example: Outreach with Regional Services may require a license from another state.

I need a notary. Where can I go?

DOM has several notaries. Click a name to view contact details.

Who do I go to with other financial questions?

The Finance landing page lists the primary areas each person is responsible for.

If you're not sure, please contact us at