University of Wisconsin
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Relocation - Moving Expenses

The Department of Medicine will provide a faculty relocation award. This award is a one-time lump sum payment to the new faculty member to cover the costs for travel, temporary lodging and related moving expenses, with a maximum award amount of $15,000. Faculty are then responsible for paying individual moving invoices directly. All moving expense reimbursements are considered taxable income and subject to Federal/State tax withholding.

In accordance with IRS rules for moving expenses, faculty must have moved at least 50 miles and the move must take place within one year of employment start date. Reimbursement can be processed up to 30 days before the move date - within a max of 90 days before the start date - and will occur via UW e-Reimbursement.

Who determines the dollar amount that will be paid?

Faculty will need to obtain ONE moving quote from one of the below UW contracted vendors. Faculty will need to provide the moving quote as well as best estimates of any other expected moving-related expenses (one-way airfare or mileage, lodging, storage) to Maggie Miller.

Maggie will coordinate with the Division Administrator to confirm final relocation stipend award amount based on the moving quote plus other anticipated expenses, and provide next steps for payment of award. 

UW contracted moving vendors

Faculty are not required to book their move with one of these companies, we request that you obtain a quote from one of the below trusted companies. You are able to book your move with whichever company you prefer, and may allocate your relocation stipend funds to whichever moving expenses you wish - it is your responsibility to pay vendors directly.

Piepho Moving & Storage

1300 Oak Forest Dr.
Onalaska, WI 54650

Armstrong Relocation Company Wisconsin LLC

1701 Airport Rd
Waukesha, WI 53188

Two Men and a Truck

3817 Kipp St
Madison, WI 53718

I've been informed of my relocation stipend amount - now what?

Within 90 days of your start date, you will receive email instructions for accessing the UW Health onboarding portal. Please follow the provided instructions to set up your UW NetID login. You will need your NetID login to access MyUW to complete the following steps:

1. Set up Direct Deposit

If your relocation stipend reimbursement is processed before your start date, and direct deposit has not been set up, then the reimbursement will be issued as a paper check mailed to your future office address. To prevent the payment from being lost in the mail or delayed in finding its way to you, we recommend setting up direct deposit instead.

Before your start date, a paper/pdf direct deposit form will need to be filled out and faxed to 608-265-6547. For security purposes, UW–Madison cannot accept direct deposit forms via email. If you do not have access to a physical fax machine, you can search for an online fax service - many are free.

After your start date, you can enter your direct deposit details directly in MyUW - 

  1. In MyUW, find the Payroll Information tile, and click on Update Direct Deposit
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Enter account information.
  4. Click Save.
    NOTE: A confirmation email will be sent to business email on file.

Instructions in English, Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, Chinese, Nepali

2. Set up a Travel Alternate in e-Reimbursement

An alternate is able to create expense reimbursements on your behalf, which are then submitted to you for final approval. For your relocation reimbursement, your alternate may be someone who will book travel and create expense reports for you in the future, or it may be an accountant in your division. Maggie will send you instructions including who to set up as an alternate.

  1. Sign into e-Reimbursement.
  2. Click the Expenses WorkCenter tile.
  3. Click the Delegate Entry Authority link in the links panel along the left side.
  4. Click the plus sign to add an additional row.
  5. Enter the Alternate’s employee ID number in the Authorized User ID field. If you do not know the employee ID, click the magnifying glass next to the blank field, then click on Advanced Lookup.  Enter the Alternate’s last name in the Description field.  Locate the alternate and click on their name.
  6. The Authorization Level should be “Edit”. If an employee chooses “Edit & Submit”, it will revert to “Edit”.
  7. Click Save.

3. Finalize and Submit Relocation Stipend e-Reimbursement

Your alternate will create the expense report for your relocation stipend amount, minus 30% tax withholding. This is an estimated tax withholding amount - your first paycheck will adjust accordingly to your actual tax withholding rate.

When the expense report is ready for your review, your alternate will email you that you can now go in and submit the final report -

  1. Sign into e-Reimbursement.
  2. Click the Expenses tile, then My Expense Reports.
  3. Use the panel on the left to navigate to: Not Submitted – Expense Reimbursements which have been created but not yet submitted.
  4. Click the Report ID to view details of a specific Expense Reimbursement.
  5. Use the navigation buttons in the top bar to review and submit your report.

Detailed instructions for submitting e-reimbursements including screen shots and videos

4. Receive Relocation Stipend Payment

Once you submit your e-reimbursement, it can take 1-3 weeks for approvals to be finalized. Once your report is approved for payment, you will receive an email notification, and either see the deposit in your bank account within 3-5 days, or the check will be printed and mailed within 3-5 days.

Your Division Administrator or alternate can assist you at this point with any further questions related to your reimbursement.