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COVID-19 UW Health Financial Guidance

COVID-19 Travel FAQ
This page provides guidance for processing reimbursements in Oracle and is updated frequently.


Remote work hints: 
If you are using a DOM-provided laptop with DOM VPN, you should be able to access all programs without issue.
If you are using your own personal computer, you will need to log into UWMF Citrix from the Dept of Medicine quick links to access UConnect.

COVID-19 UW Madison Financial Guidance

UW System Travel FAQ
Including airfare cancelation guidance

Updates to SMPH Operations COVID-19
Including building access, telecommuting, and authorization to continue essential research

Research and Sponsored Programs COVID-19 Updates
Including Awards Management FAQ

UW Madison Travel and Cancelation FAQ
Including reimbursement for canceled travel

UW Division of Business Services Continuity Updates
Including Cash Management, Check Deposits, and Purchasing changes

UW Madison General Campus Updates

Remote work hints: 
If you are using a DOM-provided laptop with DOM VPN, you should be able to access all programs without issue.
If you are using your own personal computer, you will need to log into Citrix and open the Google Chrom app from within Citrix to access the DOM p-card log, Docushare, and the G Drive.

What is a UW funding string?

A complete UW funding string includes the following:

  1. Fund: 3 digits that specify the state appropriation/category of funds (i.e., 133, 233, 144)
  2. Project Number: 7 characters (for example, 233JR21, PRJ67BB, AAC2114, etc.), "used to capture all the transactions associated with a specific grant, contract or activity."
    • Within Medicine, a project can be tied to a specific PI (principal investigator), or be more generally associated with the department or division. Some are open indefinitely, while others have specific start and end dates.
    • Fund 101 does not use a Project number, but most other funds do.
  3. Dept. ID: 6 digit-number representing the department/sub-department responsible for the transaction (for example, 534280 for Nephrology research or clinical activity).
  4. Program Code: single digit, identifying type of activity (e.g. 4 - Research)
  5. Account Code: 4 digits, identifies type of expense (e.g. 2860 - Meals-In State, 3105 - Supplies-Laboratory)

A full discussion of campus funding strings can also be found on the Business Services page.

Who do I contact with W-2 questions?

UW: Gina Hutzler, (608) 263-9078

UW Health: UWMF Payroll (608) 821-4170

Note: If you need a duplicate of your University of Wisconsin W-2, log into My UW. You can print duplicate tax statements by viewing the Tax Statements tab in the Payroll Information module on the Work Record tab.

How do we pay for Board Examinations/Board Prep courses?

UW SMPH policy does not permit the payment or reimbursement of any Board-related expenses using UW funds.* This includes payments made via Pcard or e-Reimbursement. There are no exceptions and any payments made in error MUST BE REVERSED OR REIMBURSED IMMEDIATELY.

*Board-related expenses are payable/reimbursable by UWMF in certain specific cases.

What do I do with a check for clinical activity?

Check for patient charges: Send to
UWMF - Patient Business Services
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562
(Campus interdepartmental mail is: 414-BUS)

Check for medical/legal services: Send to
Department of Medicine
Attn: Mickie Dickrell
310 N. Midvale Blvd., Suite 302
Madison, WI 53705
(Campus interdepartmental mail is: #914 - SUITE 304 )

How do medical staff dues to other hospitals get processed?

The answer depends on whether you are assigned to do business for the Department of Medicine or for UW Health:

Department of Medicine: The dues should be processed as a division operating expense. Give the notice to your division administrator for processing. Be sure to sign the form if it requires your signature.

UW Health: Send the notice to Sandy Ruef (608) 265-5560 or Roseanne Hepner (608) 890-9962; 301 S. Westfield Rd, Suite 320, Madison, WI 53717
(Campus interdepartmental mail is: 9620 UHC CORP - SUITE 320.)

How do I renew my DEA license?

The DEA grants fee exemptions to employees of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This includes physicians who have a dual appointment with UW Medical Foundation. This is because UW-Madison employed physicians and other practitioners are State of Wisconsin employees for purposes of their clinical, teaching and research activities. Individuals who are 100% employees of UW Medical Foundation (e.g., UWMF NPs and PAs) are NOT fee exempt.

For further information, please visit the Office of Legal Affairs website, or speak with the attorney on call at 263-7400.

Who do I go to with other financial questions?

The Accounting Staff page lists the primary areas each person is responsible for.

If you're not sure, use our general question page.