University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

CATT (Central Accounts Tracking Tool)

"One Tool, One Place"

CATT summarizes key data from UW financial systems, and allows users to add reminders, attachments, notes, and assign tasks/questions to other users.  In addition to the project and award management tools on the dashboard, reports can by run to summarize all funding for a PI or sub-department.

While developed by the Dept. of Medicine, CATT can be set up for other campus departments to use as their own "business unit" in CATT.  For more information, email

Help Guides

CATT Users' Guide [rev. 08.2021] (PDF)

CATT Administrator's Guide  (PDF)

DOM CATT User Expectations (PDF)

CATT Action Item FAQs

When Should I Mark an Action Item Complete? 

Is any further action needed on the item?  

  • If yes, look at the options below.
  • If no, mark it complete.#

If you're a visual person, see Decision Flow Chart for CATT Action Items (PDF)

# Special note  for Overdraft Resolution action items: 

  • Don’t mark overdraft resolution items complete until after the month-end update
  • For example, if an item was in overdraft at May month-end:  During June, you might list a response of “Budget added in June; no longer in overdraft.”  Mark this with a follow-up date of July 5, and then delete it when the June overdraft data appears in CATT.

How Should I Notify Someone That I Want Them to Look at an Action Item? 

Click edit, and re-assign the item to them.  This will generate the auto-email to be sent to them. 

If you want to expand on the initial note, you can also edit that – and add your comments before or after the original note.

Best practice:  If you need to add a greater amount of explanation to an action item, mark the original item as complete; and create a new action item with your detailed note to assign to the next person.

Someone Asked Me to Respond to an Action Item by mm/dd/yy and I Won’t Have the Information by That Date.  What Should I do? 

Click edit, and update the Follow-up date to reflect when you intend to be able to complete the item.

What Kind of Questions Should I Answer in a Grant or Other Project Overdraft Resolution Plan? 

  • Has a cost transfer been routed?
  • Is additional budget funding expected?
  • Was project set up in advance of award?

What Kind of Questions Should I Answer in a Clinical Trial Overdraft Resolution Plan? 

  • When is the next OCT report expected?
  • Are enrollments on target?
  • Is the sponsor up-to-date on its quarterly or monthly payments?
  • How much has been invoiced to date and when was the last payment received?

How do I use the "Capital Equipment" Action Item?

  • The Capital Equipment action item is where you can note Asset Tag #'s, location information, contact person, whether you've uploaded a picture to the Attachments tab, etc.
  • Set the follow-up date as an annual reminder (e.g.  January) to be sure the information is regularly updated for the inventory process.