CATT (Central Accounts Tracking Tool) summarizes key data from UW financial systems, and allows users to add reminders, attachments, notes, and assign tasks/questions to other users. 

In addition to the project and award management tools on the dashboard, reports can by run to summarize all funding for a PI or sub-department.

While developed by the Department of Medicine, CATT can be set up for other campus departments to use as their own "business unit" in CATT.  For more information, email

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Help Guides

CATT Action Item FAQs

When should I mark an action item complete? 

Is any further action needed on the item?  

  • If yes, look at the options below.
  • If no, mark it complete.#

If you're a visual person, see Decision Flow Chart for CATT Action Items (PDF)

# Special note  for Overdraft Resolution action items: 

  • Don’t mark overdraft resolution items complete until after the month-end update
  • For example, if an item was in overdraft at May month-end:  During June, you might list a response of “Budget added in June; no longer in overdraft.”  Mark this with a follow-up date of July 5, and then delete it when the June overdraft data appears in CATT.
How should I notify someone that I want them to look at an action item? 

Click edit, and re-assign the item to them.  This will generate the auto-email to be sent to them. 

If you want to expand on the initial note, you can also edit that – and add your comments before or after the original note.

Best practice:  If you need to add a greater amount of explanation to an action item, mark the original item as complete; and create a new action item with your detailed note to assign to the next person.

Someone asked me to respond to an action Item by mm/dd/yy and I won’t have the information by that date. What should I do? 

Click edit, and update the Follow-up date to reflect when you intend to be able to complete the item.

What kind of questions should I answer in a grant or other project overdraft resolution plan? 
  • Has a cost transfer been routed?
  • Is additional budget funding expected?
  • Was project set up in advance of award?
What kind of questions should I answer in a clinical trial overdraft resolution plan? 
  • When is the next OCT report expected?
  • Are enrollments on target?
  • Is the sponsor up-to-date on its quarterly or monthly payments?
  • How much has been invoiced to date and when was the last payment received?
How do I use the "Capital Equipment" action item?
  • The Capital Equipment action item is where you can note Asset Tag #'s, location information, contact person, whether you've uploaded a picture to the Attachments tab, etc.
  • Set the follow-up date as an annual reminder (e.g.  January) to be sure the information is regularly updated for the inventory process.