University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Data Storage, Data Compute and Data Security

As members of the UW-Madison Health Care Component, we all share the responsibility to comply with data protection and privacy laws, regulations, and industry standards, as well as policies and standards that require security safeguards around university data.

Research faculty and staff are expected to learn about compliance requirements and make use of the tools, safeguards, and information Department of Medicine (DOM) Information Technology Services has put in place.

Lack of compliance can result in significant consequences for the university and individuals, including fines, reputational damage, and harm to individuals whose data is exposed.

DOM Resources

The DOM IT team manages a secure comprehensive infrastructure housed among three physically separate interconnected data centers. It offers:

  • over 2.7 PetaBytes of secure data storage
  • 700 CPU cores
  • 16,000 GPU cores
  • 5 TeraBytes of RAM

The IT team implements server and storage solutions capable of meeting and or exceeding compliance standards such as those required by HIPAA, UW System, he UW Office of Cybersecurity, and the School of Medicine and Public Health. The team also assists with:

  • Data use agreement security requirements for NIH, FDA and other non-federal agencies, such as state and privately held partners.
  • Hosting large data sets for NIH- and VA-supported research

Our Software Development and Informatics (SDI) specialists consult with researchers to help identify, design, and deliver a wide range of technological solutions to help drive innovations and advancements in biomedical research. SDI services for researchers include:

  • REDCap – a free self-service tool for research data capture
  • Data aggregation, management, warehousing, analysis, and visualization
  • Specialized software development
  • Third-party software selection implementation/integration
  • Business process analysis