If you are not sure of the purchasing or payment options for your expense type, or whether the purchase is allowable, contact your division's accountant BEFORE purchasing. Unallowable expenses purchased with personal funds will not be reimbursed.

Expense reimbursement requirements differ depending on your funding source – please select your funding source to view the relevant guidelines:


Guidelines for Both Funding Sources

  • If you are not sure of the funding for your reimbursement, please contact your Division Administrator to confirm.
  • Many supplies and purchases can be paid for directly with a purchasing card, and personal funds should not be used. Please contact your division's finance staff to determine the best purchasing and payment choice.
  • Clinical-related expenses and UW Health Professional Fund expenses are reimbursed on the UW Health side. For example: medical books, subscriptions for journals and publications, dues and memberships of medical organizations. 
  • Research and educational expenses are reimbursed on the UW Madison side. For example: poster printing, tuition reimbursement.
  • Hosted meals and travel expenses can be reimbursed on either side, depending on funding source.
  • If you are using Professional Business Expense Funds, follow UW Health guidelines. If you are using grant funding, follow UW Madison guidelines.

UW Health Expense Reimbursement

UW Health Expenses are reimbursed using Oracle Cloud Finance

  • Oracle can be found via UConnect > quick links > Oracle Cloud
  • If you do not have access please contact your Division Administrator
  • Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser when using Oracle Cloud

For details regarding what qualifies as a UW Health Business Expense please see UW Health Professional Business Expense Allowance

Before you travel - please see booking requirements on our Travel Planning and Policies page

DOM Resources and Oracle Job Aids

Faculty and NPP

To be reimbursed by UW Health via Oracle you must add a bank account: Add Bank Account for Reimbursement (PDF)

Oracle allows for you to add a Delegate to enter into Oracle on your behalf: Adding a Delegate (PDF)

  • We recommend that you work with your division administrative assistants to manage your reimbursements. This includes Regional Mileage reimbursements.
  • Please add Amanda Koehn and your Medical Program Assistant in your division, this will allow them to enter and edit any expense reimbursements in Oracle on your behalf.

Can I see what reports have been entered and the status? How to View Archived Expense Reports (PDF)

Please review our Travel Planning and Policies Page before booking travel.

Administrative Assistants and Oracle Delegates 


Expense Types with Special Instructions

DEA License Renewals

The DEA grants fee exemptions to employees of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, requirements and instructions can be found here: DEA Registration for UW Practitioners

Technology Purchases, Computer Hardware/Software

Technology Purchases, Computer hardware/software related items must be ordered from Department of Medicine IT. Any computer related item(s) not ordered through DOM-IT will not be reimbursed unless prior approval has been granted.


All Dept of Medicine Relocation Stipend approvals and processing are handled by HR. Please see our Moving and Relocation page for more details.

Lab Coats/Business Cards
  • Lab Coats: The purchase of three lab coats every three years, along with cleaning expenses will be covered - please reach out to your administrative staff.
  • Business cards: Please reach out to your administrative staff.

UW–Madison Expense Reimbursement

Before you book travel - please see booking requirements on our Travel Planning and Policies page

UW-Madison's e-Reimbursement is a web-based expense reimbursement system.  The system can be used to request reimbursement for travel-related expenses and general business-related purchases.

UW Madison's Business Services website provides a number of resources for creating and submitting expense reports, for travelers and alternates, including screen shots and step-by-step instructions:

DOM Resources for Filling Out an Expense Report

Writing a Justification

You must include details about Who, What, When, Where, and Why. For example: [Name] attended [name of conference - spell out acronyms] held in [city/state or virtual] during [dates]. [Name] presented a poster/speech titled X [etc, other reasons to justify the business purpose of the trip].

Any sensitive information (ADA, HIPAA, credit card numbers, social security numbers) must be redacted for legal and security purposes. All attached documents are stored within the campus-wide E-Reimbursement system, and are  public record. 

If you have specific questions relating to an expense report you are working on, the travel approver or the accountant supporting your division and they can help clarify policy requirements.


All documentation must be attached to the report. You can scan or take a photo of any paper/physical receipts to upload them. Many file types are allowed to be used: pdf, doc, jpg, etc. Do not discard the original copies of your receipts until the report has been approved and you have received payment.

All expenses related to conference attendance (registration, flights, hotel, meals, etc) must include a copy of the conference brochure and agenda.


Expense Types With Special Instructions

Lab Coats, Scrubs, License Renewals, Board Certifications, etc

All of these items and any others that relate specifically to patient care, should be submitted for reimbursement through UW Health Oracle. UW-Madison does not have any patients, and is not able to reimburse for patient-related expenses.

Business Meals vs. Official Functions

Please use the Business Services Official Functions, Hosted events, and Business Meals Matrix to determine the type of meal you are hosting in advance of the event. Official Functions require a form to be approved by SMPH before any expenses can be paid for the event.


All Department of Medicine relocation stipend approvals and processing are handled by HR. Please see our Moving and Relocation page for more details.