The Department of Medicine manages an inventory of over 600 capital equipment assets across multiple campus buildings. Each asset is tagged with a barcode ID sticker to help track the item. Capital Equipment assets are identified at the time of purchase and are then assigned to a PI or other person who is responsible for them. 

You must notify Department Property Administrator (DPA) Yvonne Ochieng before you move or dispose of any capital equipment.

How to Dispose of Equipment

To dispose of an item (for surplus/obsolete/unrepairable items, trade-in, cannibalizing for parts, or returning to vendor), please complete the Disposition Form and send it to the DPA for processing.

Who to Contact When Trading in Equipment With an Asset Barcode

Please contact your department DPA when considering an equipment trade in.

Property Control needs to review all existing asset for trade in and provide full approval.

Your department DPA will initiate this review process with Property Controls and work with divisional contact every step of the way.

Items Considered Capital Equipment

A capital equipment asset is tangible, moveable property that is not permanently affixed to a building. An asset has a useful life expectancy of one or more years, and has a per-unit acquisition cost of $5,000.00 or more before any applicable trade-in allowance, or qualifies as a fabrication with a cost of $5,000 or more. It is used in performing a task such as work related to research, grounds-keeping, farming, transportation, etc. Items such as artwork, livestock, and most software are not considered capital equipment.

Lab Moves

The DPA should be informed of the lab move to properly account for equipment location.

Property Transfers to or From Other Universities

If it’s determined that the equipment will be transferred with the faculty or researcher, work with both Divisional Administrator and the DPA to ensure policy compliance.

Correcting Purchase Account Code to Reflect Capital Equipment

Contact the DPA soon after purchase to correct account code in a timely manner.

Getting a List of Division Assets

Contact the DPA for a list of your divisional assets.



  • Disposal of an item (for surplus/obsolete/unrepairable items, trade-in, cannibalizing for parts, or returning to vendor): Disposition Form
  • Moving individual equipment items or entire labs, or changing the responsible person: Property Transaction Form

To loan equipment out to other institutions, discuss with the Department Property Administrator.